(Download) SSC Stenographers (Grade C&D) Model Questions Set-14

(Download) SSC Stenographers  (Grade C&D) Model Questions


1. Price of sugar rises by 20%. By how much percent should the consumption of sugar be reduced so that the expendi­ture does not change?

(a) 19  
(b) 18 
(c) 16.33   
(d) 14

2. In a school 70% of the students are girls. The number of boys is 510. Then the total number of students in the school is

(a) 1500    
(b) 1700
(c) 1600  
(d) 2000

3. Applied to a bill for Rs. 1,00,000 the difference between a discount of 40% and two successive discounts of 36% and 4% is

(a) Rs. 1000
(b) Rs. 1,440
(c) Rs. 4400 
(d) Rs. 3000

4. A tradesman marks his goods 10% above his cost price. If he allows his customers 10% discount on the marked price, how much profit or loss does he make, if any?

(a) 2% gain  
(b) 1% loss
(c) 4% gain
(d) No gain, no loss

5.A discount of 15% on one article is the same as a discount of 20% on a second article. The costs of the two articles can be 

(a)Rs. 70, Rs. 50
(b)Rs. 30, Rs. 45 
(c)Rs. 46, Rs. 20
(d)Rs. 80, Rs. 60

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Answer :1. (c)  2. (b) 3. (b) 4. (b)  5. (d)