Model Questions for Scientific Assistant (IMD) Exam (Paper-1) General Science - Set 48

Model Questions for Scientific Assistant (IMD) Exam (Paper-1) General Science-Set 48

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1. One of the following thermometers, which can be used for increasing a rapidly changing temperature is a

(a) platinum resistance thermometer
(b) vapour pressure thermometer
(c) thermo-couple thermometer
(d) gas thermometer

2. The thermometer suitable to measure 2000°C is

(a) vapour pressure thermometer
(b) total radiation pyrometer
(c) gas thermometer
(d) mercury thermometer

3. A ring-shaped piece of metal is heated. If the material expands, the hole will :

(a) expand or contract depending on the width of the ring
(b) expand
(c) contract
(d) expand or contract depending on the value of the coefficient of expansion

4. Two blocks of ice when pressed together join to form one block because

(a) melting point of ice decreases with the increase of pressure"
(b) of heat produced during pressing
(c) of cold produced during pressing
(d) melting point of ice increases with increase in pressure

5. Big suitcases are provided thicker handles to

(a) decrease the force on the hand.
(b) increase the force on the hand.
(c) decrease the pressure on the hand.
(d) increase the pressure on the hand.

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6. A piece of metal feels hotter than a piece of wood in summer because

(a) our body is cooler than metal but warmer than wood
(b) metal is a better conductor of heat than wood
(c) metal expands more than wood
(d) metal gets hotter than wood

7. Four identical kettles with the same amount of water have bases made of different metals of the same thickness. If these kettles are placed on identical flames in an identical manner,water will boil first in the kettle the base of which is made of:

(a) brass
(b) copper
(c) stainless steel
(d) aluminium

8. Why is platinum wire used inside very narrow glass rods ?

(a) Platinum does not melt at low temperature
(b) Platinum and glass have the same linear coefficients of expansion
(c) Glass is a bad conductor of heat
(d) Platinum expands very little compared to glass

9. Identify the conceptual difference between a particle and a wave :

(a) A wave requires material medium while a particle does not require medium for its propagation.
(b) A particle transports matter but a wave does not.
(c) A particle is visible but a wave is not visible.
(d) All the above.

10. An astronaut can’t hear his companion at the surface of the moon because :

(a) there is no medium for sound propagation
(b) temperature is too low during night and too high during day.
(c) there are too many craters on the surface of the moon.
(d) produced frequencies are above the audio frequency

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1. (c) 2. (b) 3. (b) 4. (a) 5. (c) 6. (a) 7. (b) 8. (b) 9. (d) 10. (a)