(Papers) Haryana Police : Constable (Male) Exam Paper 2018 – (Evening Shift)

(Papers) Haryana Police : Constable (Male) Exam Paper 2018 – (Evening Shift)

  • Time Allowed : 1.30 Hour
  • Total Questions : 100
  • Total Marks : 80

1. In which one of the following place earthquake   recording station is not located ? 
(A) Kolkatta 
(B) Kodaikenal
(C) Pune 
(D) Mumbai 

2. Following is not a part of human sperm 
(A) Acrosome 
(B) Mitochondria 
(C) Axial filament
(D) Antrum

3. Haryana recently celebrated its foundation day. 
(A) 42th 
(B) 50h 
(C) 53Th 
(D) 55th

4.A number consists of three digits whose sum is 17. The middle one exceeds the sum of the other two by 1. If the digits be reversed, the number is diminished by 396, then the number is
(A) 494 
(B) 593 
(C) 681 
(D) 692 

5._________is the smallest and the fastest memory in computer.
(A) RAM 
(C) Cache
(D) Hard drive 

6._______is the first Indian wrestler to win two medals at the World Wrestling 
(A) Vinay Phogat
(B) Sakshi Mallik
(C) Bajrang Punia
(D) Sushil Kumar

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