(Guidance Programme) Combined Higher Secondary Level [CHSL] (10+2) Exam : Time & Distance

Time and Distance

Time and Distance

Relation between Time, Speed and Distance

Distance covered, time and speed are related by

Time = ...(i)

Speed = ...(ii)

Distance = Speed × Time ...(iii)

  • Distance is measured in metres, kilometres and miles.
  • Time in hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Speed in km/h, miles/h and m/s.

1. To convert speed of an object from km/h to m/s multiply the speed by . 5/18

2. To convert speed of an object from m/s to km/h, multiply the speed by . 18/5

Average Speed

It is the ratio of total distance covered to total time of journey.

Average Speed =

General Rules for Solving Time & Distance Problems