(Guidance Programme) Combined Higher Secondary Level [CHSL] (10+2) Exam : Cloze Test

Cloze Test

Cloze test or Numbered gap is an extensive variation of the sentence completion test. In the given passage candidate are required to make their choices from the given multiple alternatives for each numbered gap. This test evaluates the candidates volabulary power and his ability to judge the overall meaning of a passage even when some words are missing. The most common question from this section, several words are omitted from the sentence.

Example 1:

Jo was the first to ..1.. up on christmas norming. ...2… a moment she felt disappointed for no stockings hung from the fire place. ..3.. She remembered ..4… her mother had ..5.. her the previous evening each of …6… would find a present tucked under their pillow. She slipped …7… hand under the pillow …8…drew out a crimson coloured rible. Mother had writtern some words of ..9.. inside the book. This quickly brought a few …10… in Jo’s eyes.

1. (a) run
(b) look
(c) wake
(d) glance.

2. (a) Just
(b) For
(c) At
(d) Since

3. (a) Since
(b) After
(c) Then
(d) Soon

4. (a) all
(b) about
(c) what
(d) that

5. (a) instructed
(b) told
(c) said
(d) remarked

6. (a) persons
(b) girls
(c) these
(d) them

7. (a) his
(b) her
(c) own
(d) their

8. (a) and
(b) then
(c) which
(d) but   

9. (a) rebuke
(b) encouragement
(c) blessings
(d) satire

10. (a) gloom
(b) joy
(c) tears
(d) sadness.