Study Material for SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, Prasar Bharti, FCI Exams : Simple Interest - MCQ

Simple Interest (MCQ)

1. If Rs.64 accounts to Rs.83.20 in 2 years, what will Rs.86 amount to in 4 years at the same rate per cent pr annum?
(a) Rs.115.80
(b) Rs.127.70
(c) Rs.127.40
(d) Rs.51.60

2. The simple interest on a certain sum of money at the rate of 5% p.a. for 8 years is Rs.840. At what rate of interest the same amount of interest can be received on the same sum after 5 years?
(a) 10%
(b) 8%
(c) 9%
(d) 12%

3. The interest on a certain deposit at 4.5% p.a. is Rs.202.50 in one year. How much will the additional interest in one year be on the same deposit at 5% p.a.?
(a) Rs.30.25
(b) Rs.22.50
(c) Rs.25
(d) Rs.52.75 

4. Nitin borrowed some money at the rate of 6% p.a. for the first three years, 9% p.a. for the next five years and 13% p.a. for the period beyond eight yea Rs. If the total interest paid how much money did he borrow?
(a) Rs.8000
(b) Rs.13,000
(c) Rs.11,000
(d) data inadequate