Study Material for SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, Prasar Bharti, FCI Exams : Boats and Streams (MCQ)

Boats and Streams (MCQ)

1. Speed of a boat in standing water is 9 kmph and the speed of the stream is 1.5 kmph. A man rows to a place at a distance of 105 km and comes back to the starting point. The total time taken by him is:
(a) 22 hours
(b) 27 hours
(c) 20 hours
(d) 24 hours

2. The speed of a boat in still water is 15 km/hr and the rate of current is 3 km/hr. The distance travelled downsteam in 12 minutes is:
(a) 3.3 km
(b) 2.9 km
(c) 2.4 km
(d) 3.6 km

3. A man can row at 5 kmph in still water. If the velocity of current is 1 kmph and it takes him 1 hour to row to a place and come back, how far is the place?
(a) 2.4 km
(b) 2.5 km
(c) 3 km
(d) 3.1 km

4. A boat takes 19 hours for travelling downstream from point A to point B and coming back to a point C midway between A and B. If the velocity of the stream is 4 kmph and the speed of the boat in still water is 14 kmph, what is the distance between A and B?
(a) 162 km
(b) 180 km
(c) 223 km
(d) 220 km

5. A boat covers a certain distance down-streams in 1 hour, while it comes back is hours. If the speed of the stram be 3 kmph, what is the speed of the boat in still water?
(a) 11 kmph
(b) 17 kmph
(c) 15 kmph
(d) 18 kmph