Study Material for SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, Prasar Bharti, FCI Exams : Area - MCQ

Area (MCQ)

1. A rectangular carpet has an area of 120 sq. metres and a perimeter of 46 metres. The length of its diagonal is:
(a) 15 m
(b) 19 m
(c) 17 m
(d) 22 m

2. The diagonal of a rectangle is cm and its area is 20 sq. cm. The perimeter of the rectangle must be:
(a) 10 cm
(b) 18 cm
(c) 22 cm
(d) 42 cm

3. A took 15 seconds to cross a rectangular field diagonally walking at the rate of 52 m/min and B took the same time to cross the same field along its sides walking at the rate of 68 m/min. The area of the field is:
(a) 52 m2
(b) 40 m2
(c) 61 m2
(d) 60 m2

4. A rectangular carpet has an area of 60 sq. m. If its diagonal and longer side together equal 5 times the shorter side, the length of the carpet is:
(a) 8 m
(b) 12 m
(c) 15 m
(d) 14.5 m

5. The ratio between the length and the breadth of a rectangular field is 3 : 2. If only the length is increased by 5 metres, the new area of the field will be 2600 sq. metres. What is the breadth of the rectangular field?
(a) 40 metres
(b) 80 metres
(c) 66 metres
(d) cannot be determined