(Guidance Programme) Combined Graduate Level Examination - Tier - I : English Comprehension


SSC : Combined Graduate Level Examination

English Comprehension

Candidates’ ability to understand correct English, his basic comprehension and writing ability, etc. would be tested. This section is major concern, it has been stated that half of the hindi medium candidate unable to even qualify this section, and finally could not find their position. Those candidate who’s English is not at par level, they should first focus on the basics.

The requirement of the exam is very high one’s English should be at level. We can select topics from where questions are being asked, Spotting errors, Usage of grammar, Antonym and Synonym, Idioms and Phrases, One word Substitution, Spelling test, Passage.

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Part of SpeechSpotting ErrorOne WordIdiomSentence CorrectionAnatomy SynonymsMisspelled_English_WordsCLOZESentences JumbledSplitting TestComprehension