Study Material for SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, Prasar Bharti, FCI Exams : General Science

General Science

Inventions & Discoveris

Invention                Year     Inventor           Country
Acetylene gas            1862     Berthelot          France
Adding machine           1642     Pascal             France
Adhesive tape,Scotch     1930     Richard Drew        U.S.A.
Aeroplane                1903     Orville & Wilbur Wright  U.S.A.
Air Conditioning         1902     Carrier             U.S.A.
Airplane, jet engine     1939     Ohain               Germany
Airship (non-rigid)      1852     Henri Giffard       France
Aerosol spray            1926     Erik Rotheim         Norway
Artificial Heart         1957     Willem Kolff          Netherlands
Atomic Bomb              1945     J. Robert Oppenheimer     U.S.A.
Atomic numbers           1913     Moseley                Britain
Atomic theory            1803     Dalton                Britain
Automatic rifle          1918     John Browning         U.S.A.
Bakelite                 1907     Leo H. Baekeland     Belgium
Ballistic missile        1944     Wernher von Braun      Germany

Balloon                  1783     Jacques & Joseph Montgolfier  France
Ball-Point Pen           1888     John J. Loud              U.S.A.
Barometer                1644     Evangelista Torricelli   Italy
Battery (Electric)       1800     Alessandro Volta         Italy
Bicyle                   1839-40  Kirkpatrick Macmillan     Britain
Bicycle Tyres (Pneumatic)1888     John Boyd Dunlop         Britain
Bifocal Lens             1780     Benjamin Franklin        U.S.A
Bleaching Powder         1798     Tennant                  Britain

Milestones in Medicin

Discovery/Invention 		Year 			Discoverer/Inventor 		Country
Adrenaline 			1894 			Schafer and Oliver 		Britain
Anesthesia, Local 		1885 				Koller 			Austria
Anesthesia, Spinal 		1898 				Bier 			Germany
Anti-toxins (Science of Immunity) 1890 			Behring & Kitasato 		Germany, Japan
Aspirin 			1889 				Dreser 			Germany
Bacteria 			1683 				Leeuwenhock 		Netherlands
Bacteriology 			1872 				Ferdinand Cohn 		Germany
Biochemistry 			1648 			Jan Baptista Van Helmont 	Belgium
Blood Plasma storage (Blood bank) 1940 				Drew 			U.S.A. bank
Blood Transfusion 		1625 			Jean-Baptiste Denys 		France
Cardiac Pacemaker 		1932 				A, S. Hyman 		U.S.A.
CAT Scanner 			1968 			Godfrey Hounsfield 		Britain
Chemotherapy 			1493-1541 			Paracelsus 		Switzerland
Chloroform as anaesthetic 	1847 				James Simpson 		Britain
Chloromycetin 			1947 				Burkholder 		U.S.A.
Cholera T.B germs 		1877 				Robert Koch 		Germany
Circulation of blood 		1628 				William Harvey 		Britain
Cryo-Surgery 			1953 				Henry Swan 		U.S.A.
Diphtheria germs 		1883-84 			Klebs & Loffler 	Germany
Electro-Cardiograph 		1903 				Willem Einthoven 	Netherlands
Electro-encephalogram 		1929 				Hand Berger 		Germany