(Download) SSC: CGL Tier-II Solved Exam Paper-II (English Language & Comprehension) Held On: 04-09-2011


SSC: CGL Tier-II Exam Paper-II (English Language and Comprehension)
 Held On: 04-09-2011

Directions (1-20): In the following questions, a party of the sentence is printed in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at (A), (B) and (C) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct  alternative. In case no improvement is needed, your answer is ‘(D)’.

1. The ground was wet outside when I got up in the morning yesterday. I had been raining all in the night.
(A) rained all in
(B) been raining all though
(C) raining all in
(D) No improvement

2. The Women’s Emancipation Bill was sent back to the Lok Sabha by the President for further examination.
(A) further security
(B) further reading
(C) further perusal
(D) No improvement

3. The Finance Minister said that he would work for the impartial distribution of wealth.
(A) equitable
(B) just
(C) fair
(D) No improvement

4. Will you lend me few rupees in this hour of need?
(A) borrow me a few rupees
(B) lend me any rupees
(C) lend me few rupees
(D) No improvement

5. After the heavy rains last week, the water in the lake raised another two feet.
(A) would raise another two feet
(B) raise another two feet
(C) rose another two feet
(D) No improvement

6. Unless you work hard, you will not pass.
(A) as long as you work hard
(B) till you work hard
(C) until you work hard
(D) No improvement

7. The minister was removed from a key post.
(A) thrown out
(B) rusticated
(C) ousted
(D) No improvement

8. Audacity is the mother of invention.
(A) tenacity
(B) necessity
(C) paucity
(D) No improvement

9. Professionals must continuously improve their skills.
(A) hone
(B) fine tune
(C) explore
(D) No improvement

10. Mr. Raj has been asked to submit details of his tax returns.
(A) give
(B) furnish
(C) disclose
(D) No improvement


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11. More than 60 percent of India’s population live under the poverty line.
(A) live below the poverty line
(B) stay below the poverty line
(C) stay under the poverty line
(D) live beside the poverty line

12. Since we are living in Bangalore for five years, we are reluctant to move to another city.
(A) Since we were living.
(B) Being that we have been living
(C) Being that we living
(D) Since we have been living

13. Being too costly for him, he could not buy the coat.
(A) It being too costly for him
(B) He being too costly
(C) Being it too costly
(D) No improvement

14. No sooner has she agreed to marry him than she started having terrible doubts.
(A) She no sooner had agreed
(B) No sooner had she agreed
(C) No sooner did she agreed
(D) No improvement

15. I didn’t need to water the follower. Just after I finished it started raining.
(A) I didn’t water the plants
(B) I needn’t water the plants
(C) I needn’t have watered the flowers.
(D) No improvement

16. He complained of the following of having tortured by the police.
(A) having been tortured
(B) tortured
(C) been tortured
(D) No improvement

17. The orphans have been clamouring for nutritious food from the past two weeks.
(A) for past
(B) since the past
(C) for the past
(D) No improvement

18. The good fortune of being your student in my younger days has helped me greatly in my life.
(A) of my being your student
(B) of my myself being your student
(C) of my having been your student
(D) No improvement

19. He should not had done it.
(A) should had not
(B) should not have
(C) should have
(D) should had

20. I will now deal with him in a manner different from the one I have adopted so far.
(A) I adopted
(B) I was adopting
(C) I have been adopting
(D) No improvement




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