Cut-Off Analysis of SSC CGL Tier-I and Tier-II Exam 2012 & 2013. By Swapan Das

Cut-Off Analysis of SSC CGL Tier-I and Tier-II Exam 2012 & 2013. By Swapan Das

Hello friends ! After seeing a lot of hue and cry I am compelled to perform some data analysis for whom I liked most. Plz see carefully and give your valuable suggestions in comment box:-

Mah dear friends ! It is very easy to pretend others , to blame others. But this is not the way, which can teach us a lot. Before pointing finger on SSC first we should make proper analysis:

Everybody is saying dat SSC officials have helped cheaters dats why cut-off is so high, Let’s see what the data says:

Commission has decided to fix three cut offs for

i) All Interview Posts/
ii) Statistical Investigator/Compiler and;
iii) All non-interview posts

first , have a look over ALL INTERVIEW POST CUT-OFFS

Through this link one can see the cut-off marks for Tier-2 for the year 2012.

Cut-Off Details:

  • Category 2012 T2 2013 T2 increase in %
  • Gen 349 424.50 21.34 %
  • OBC 319 395.75 24.05 %
  • SC 284 359.25 26.49 %
  • ST 282 345.75 23.04 %
  • Ex-Serviceman 308 345 12.01 %
  • OH 274 345 25.91 %
  • HH 191 228 19.37 %
  • VH 261 315.25 21.07 %

Now , Take a look over Statistical investigator Category 2012 T2 2013 T3 % increase

  • Gen 333 443.25 33 %
  • OBC 305 410.25 34.50 %
  • SC 269 364.50 35.50 %
  • ST 256 324 26.56%

Now Let’s have a glance over NIPs (Non-Interview posts):-

In 2012, the cut-off was 313.50 for UR category, In 2013 It is 401 ie. Increased 27.75%.

In this way we can easily conclude that Cut –off has increased for all individual categories on an average 23%-28% , so suppose SSC officials conducted fraud, they took 100 candidates and almost half( 50) students were from UR category 27 were from OBC category and accordingly from others including VH (visually handicapped), OH(optically handicapped) and HH ,ex-serviceman also. (Because cut-off has increased almost equally in all categories,) which is not possible practically. No SSC official can do like dat , No one can manipulate data that belong to more than 1,00,000 candidates in that much organized way that cut-off increases in equal proportion for each individual category, Even, In exit polls, surveys ,opinion polls, that is conducted by experts of management don’t acquire that much accuracy(although it is conducted openly n with huge resources and skilled manpower). If it is really true, they(those SSC officials) should be awarded …..

Another perspective we can see that in 2012 pre cut-off was 82 for UR while in 2013 it was 96 and 102 in re-exam which is also almost 24.39%. WHY SO MUCH NOISE ON INCREASING OF CUT OFF 25% IN MAINS WHILE IT HAD ALREADY INCREASED 24.39 % IN PRE-EXAM.

cut-off has increase for all categories, In case Fraud would have happened, there must be a abnormal increase incut-off of some categories ,while not in others, which is not the case obviously,Even we can see for NIP and STATISTICAL INVESTIGATOR cut –off has increased in same proportion, so how we can say cheating has been done.

Now question arises why some people are making a great fuss , even till now marks have not been disclosed yet, actually they all have their personal motives. from last 4 days, I ‘ve seen almost 20 people to say that drop money in their account number, there is nothing to do with your carrier . they just wanna make money and you all are best and fertile resource of these money making tactics .plz don’t lose hope , once 2013 will be over a batch that is preparing for SSC will get over ,cut-off will be lower from 2014 and onwards. So plz don’t be easy victims of these , YOU ARE WORRIED THIS TIME N A FEEBLE MIND IS THE EASIEST VICTIM TO INCITE,.

AND,yes one more thing dat I ‘ll explain here , plz don’t think why I m induldging in this as I m working for TCS, All these I am doing for mah self intersest as someone I liked most , is require some suggestions from my side, all these I have done for that who trust me more dan he trust himself.

Please don’t take it in wrong way, nobody is perfect in this world, Somewhere I may be wrong , plz do provide your valuable suggestions in comment box and I belive in VASUDHAIV KUTUMBAKAM.

BY: Swapan Das
Thanks to N. K. Raghupathy Sir for sharing.