Mock Test for SSC Constables (GD) Exam - General Awareness  

Mock Test for SSC Constables (GD) Exam (Model Paper - II)

Subject: General Awareness

1. Postal voting is otherwise called

(a) plural voting
(b) proxy voting
(c) weighted voting
(d) secret voting

2. Stability of the Government is assured in

(a) Parliamentary Form of Government.
(b) Presidential Form of Government.
(c) Plural Executive System
(d) Direction Democracy

3. According to the Indian Constitution, the vacancy in the office of the President of India shall be filled within

(a) 1 month
(b) 6 months
(c) 3 months
(d) 1 year

4. Who is the Tennis star to become World No. 1 seed at the youngest age?

(a) Stefii Graf
(b) Monica Seles
(c) Chris Evert
(d) Martina Hingis

5. What is “Vishva Mohini”?

(a) Name for India’s Beauty Queen
(b) The title given to Lata Mangeshkar for her contribution to music
(c) An Indian ship
(d) A famous book on Indian dances

6. The main function of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) is

(a) enforcing of Uruguay Round Agreements
(b) facilitating multilateral trade relations of member countries and reviewing trade policies
(c) administering trade dispute settlement procedures
(d) None of the above

7. Name the author of the book A Passage to England

(a) E. M. Forster
(b) Nirad C. Choudhary
(c) Vikram Seth
(d) Eric Segal

8. Which is the long-range missile that was tested by Pakistan in the wake of India testing Agni II ?

(a) Ghauri II
(b) Shaheen I
(c) Hatf I
(d) Half II

9. The Indian Naval Ship being converted into a maritime museum is

(a) Sagar Samrat
(b) Kanishka
(c) Samrat Ashoka
(d) Vikrant

10. Prof. Amartya Sen is these days in the news because :

(a) he is internationally known as a leading social economist
(b) he has been awarded ‘Bharat Ratna’
(c) he is a recipient of Nobel Prize.
(d) All of the above

11. The first country to legalize medically assisted suicide is

(a) Australia
(b) United States
(c) Netherlands
(d) Switzerland

12. The Baisakhi Festival of the year 1999 is of great historical significance to Punjab because

(a) it commemorates the tercentenary of the foundation of Khalsa Panth
(b) it being the last such festival of the twentieth century
(c) of participation by a large number of Punjabis who are non resident Indians
(d) None of the above

13. Exobiology deals with the study of

(a) external characters of living organisms
(b) life on the surface of the earth
(c) life in the outer layers of atmosphere
(d) life in other planets and space

14. The Social System of the Harappans was

(a) Fairly egalitarian
(b) Slave-Labour based
(c) Colour (Varna) based
(d) Caste based

15. Which of the following Vedas provides information about the civilisation of the Early Vedic Age?

(a) Rig-veda
(b) Yajur-veda
(c) Atharva-veda
(d) Sama-veda


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