SSC CHSL (Tier - 1) Online Exam Paper - 2019 "held on 20 OCTOBER 2020"Evening-Shift (General Awareness)

SSC CHSL (Tier - 1) Online Exam Paper - 2019 "held on 20 October 2020"

Evening-Shift (General Awareness)

Q.1 In May 2020, the Government of India raised the net borrowing limit for state governments
to ______% of the gross state domestic product (GSDP).


1. 10

2. 7

3. 3

4. 5

Q.2 ______ was a mentor to both, Mahatma Gandhi and Mohammed Ali Jinnah.


1. Lala Lajpat Rai

2. Rabindranath Tagore

3. Gopal Krishna Gokhale

4. Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Q.3 Which of the following states has one of the richest monazite deposits in India?


1. Gujarat

2. Rajasthan

3. Jharkhand

4. Kerala

Q.4 Yadgir, Bidar and Gadag are districts are in the state of ______.


1. Andhra Pradesh

2. Kerala

3. Tamil Nadu

4. Karnataka

Q.5 The sino-artrialnode is located in the ______.


1. brain

2. bladder

3. heart

4. stomach

Q.6 Who has developed the Automatically Programmable Tool (APT)?


1. Douglas T Ross

2. Ralph H Baer

3. Gary Kildall

4. Jonathan Fletcher

Q.7 What was the theme of International Nurses Day in 2020?


1. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

2. Health for All

3. Nursing the World to Health

4. Health is a Human Right

Q.8 The first Backward Classes Commission of India was headed by ______.


1. Lokmanya Tilak

2. Nanaji Deshmukh

3. Kaka Kalelkar

4. Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Q.9 Locomotion in ______ takes place with the help of a muscular foot.


1. sea urchins

2. earthworms

3. jellyfish

4. snails

Q.10 Depression is a ______ disorder.


1. somatoform

2. schizophrenic

3. dissociative

4. mood

Q.11 Who was India's first Chief of Defence Staff?


1. Sam Maneckshaw

2. Gopal Gurunath Bewoor

3. Bipin Rawat

4. Ajit Doval

Q.12 The Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is located in the state of ______.


1. Uttarakhand

2. Andhra Pradesh

3. Madhya Pradesh

4. Rajasthan

Q.13. प्राचीन भारत के राजाओ कि प्रश्न्सा मे रचित शिलालेख को                 के रूप मे जाना जाता हे ?

1. त्रिपिटक 

2. प्रशस्तियो 

3. जातको 

4. सुत्रो 

Q.14 The Indian Government annexed ______ in 1948 under the code name 'Operation Polo'.


1. Gwalior

2. Hyderabad

3. Mysore

4. Baroda

Q.15 ______ is a traditional Indian sport, whereby athletes perform various types of gymnastics
moves and hold various poses on a vertical wooden pole.


1. Nadan Panthu Kali

2. Mallakhamb

3. Kalaripayattu

4. Yubi Lakpi

Q.16.                 के महाराजा भारतीय क्रिकेट कंट्रोल बोर्ड (BCCI) के अध्यक्ष के रूप में सेवा करने वाले पहले क्रिकेटर थे 

1. बड़ौदा 

2. मैसूर 

3. रीवा 

4. विजयनगरम 

Q.17 Which of the following states was declared as the cleanest state in Swachh Survekshan


1. Maharashtra

2. Uttarakhand

3. Jharkhand

4. Chhattisgarh

Q.18 As of April 2020, ______ holds the record for delivering the most number of balls by any
woman cricketer in Women's test history.


1. Harmanpreet Kaur

2. Mithali Raj

3. Diana Edulji

4. Anjum Chopra

Q.19 The ______ festival is celebrated by the Ahom people of Assam on 31st January every year
in memory of the departed.


1. Me-Dam-Me-Phi

2. Ashokastami

3. Lampra Puja

4. TirthaMukh

Q.20 1 Petabyte (PB) = 1024 ______.


1. Gigabytes (GB)

2. Zettabytes (ZB)

3. Exabytes (EB)

4. Terabytes (TB)

Q.21. निम्नलिखित में कोन सा एक स्थलीक प्राकृतिक आपदा का उदहारण है 


1. हिमझंझावत 

2. भूस्खलन 

3. आंधी -तूफान 

4. बवंडर 

Q.22 With which bank has Ashok Leyland, the commercial vehicle brand, tied up in November
2019 for vehicle loans for a period of 2 years?


1. ICICI Bank

2. Punjab National Bank

3. State Bank of India

4. HDFC Bank

Q.23 Name the first Chief Scientist of the public health division at the World Health Organisation.


1. Dr. Zsuzsanna Jakab

2. Dr. Harsh Vardhan

3. Dr. Michael Ryan

4. Dr. Soumya Swaminathan

Q.24 ‘FIR Aapke Dwar', an initiative whereby police officials would visit homes of victims to
register a First Information Report (FIR), was launched in the state of ______ in May 2020.


1. Bihar

2. Maharashtra

3. Madhya Pradesh

4. Uttar Pradesh

Q.25. निम्नलिखित में से कोन सा स्थल जून 2020 की स्थिति के अनुसार संयुक्त राष्ट संघ के विश्व धरोहर स्थलों की सूचि में शामिल नहीं है 


1. एलोरा की गुफाए 

2. अजंता के गुफाए 

3. कार्ले के गुफाए 

4. एलिफेंटा की गुफाए