SSC CHSL (Tier - 1) Online Exam Paper - 2019 "held on 19 OCTOBER 2020"Morning-Shift (General Awareness)

SSC CHSL (Tier - 1) Online Exam Paper - 2019 "held on 19 October 2020"

Morning-Shift (General Awareness)

Q.1 ‘Santosh Trophy’ is an award for the winning team of ______.


1. hockey

2. basketball

3. football

4. volleyball

Q.2 The human saliva contains an enzyme called salivary ______ that breaks down starch,
a complex molecule, into sugar.


1. protease

2. amylase

3. lipase

4. peptidase

Q.3 Abhijit Banerji, an India born researcher, was one of the winners of Nobel Prize 2019
for ______.


1. Peace

2. Economics

3. Chemistry

4. Literature

Q.4              को  व्यक्तिग निर्णय लेने वाली इकाइयो जैसे की उपभोक्ता संसाधन स्वामी एव फर्म्स के व्यवहार के

अध्ययन के रूप में परिभाषित किया जाता है 


1. अर्थमिति (एकोनोमेट्रिक्स )
2. स्वास्थ्य अर्थशाश्त्र (हेल्थ एकोनोमिक्स )
3. सुक्ष्म अर्थशास्त्र  (माइक्रोएकोनोमिक्स )
4. वृहद अर्थशास्त्र (मेक्रोएकोनोमिक्स )

Q.5 When blue litmus was added to an unknown liquid in a test tube, it turned red. What
was the liquid?


1. An acid

2. Water

3. An alkali

4. Saline

Q.6 Which Mauryan ruler became a follower of Buddhism?


1. Ashoka

2. Samudragupta

3. Brihadratha

4. Chandragupta

Q.7 Which of the following cricketers is NOT a part of the Sri Lankan team?


1. Tusara Perara

2. Lasith Malinga

3. Kedar Jadhav

4. Angelo Perera

Q.8 Identify the unit of measurement of energy.


1. Volt

2. Watt

3. Joule

4. Ampere

Q.9 The script ‘Gurumukhi’ for Punjabi language was invented by the Sikh guru ______.


1. Guru Har Kishan

2. Guru Ramdas

3. Guru Har Rai

4. Guru Angad

Q.10 Which of the following devices is NOT used to enter data into a computer?


1. Scanner

2. Keyboard

3. Monitor

4. Mouse

Q.11 Which of the following Public Sector Undertakings does NOT have 'Maharatna' status?


1. Steel Authority of India Limited

2. Coal India Limited

3. GAIL (India) Limited

4. Engineers India Limited

Q.12 The Buddhist sites Vaishali and Nalanda are situated in which of the following states?


1. Chhattisgarh

2. Telangana

3. Odisha

4. Bihar

Q.13 Who among the following is NOT a lawn tennis champion?


1. Sania Mirza

2. Manika Batra

3. Rohan Bopanna

4. Leander Paes

Q.14 Which of the following is NOT a North East Indian sister state?


1. Odisha

2. Tripura

3. Manipur

4. Meghalaya

Q.15 Which is the correct sequence of rulers of the Mughal Empire?


1. Babur, Humayun, Aurangzeb, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Bahadur Shah, Akbar

2. Babur, Aurangzeb, Humayun, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Bahadur Shah, Akbar

3. Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Aurangzeb, Bahadur Shah

4. Babur, Jahangir, Humayun, Akbar, Bahadur Shah, Shahjahan, Aurangzeb

Q.16 India is called a secular country because citizens have the fundamental right to:


1. freedom of speech and expression

2. move freely throughout India

3. freedom to profess religion of one's choice

4. live with human dignity

Q.17 Cirrus and cumulus are types of ______.


1. soil

2. mountains

3. clouds

4. waves

Q.18 'Behdienkhlam' is a traditional dance festival of which state?


1. Chhattisgarh

2. Tamil Nadu

3. Gujarat

4. Meghalaya

Q.19. जब उच्च स्तरों से बहने वाली जल धराये काम ढलान वाली भू-तलीय ढालू मैदानों में विखंडित होती है, तो किस प्रकार की निशेपणीये स्थलाकृतियो का निर्माण होता है 

प्राकृतिक तटबंद (लेवीस )

जलोढ़ पारक्षकृतियाँ  (एलूवियल फैंस )

बाढ़ प्रवण क्षेत्र (फ्लड प्लेन्स )

विसर्पी रोधिका (प्वाइंट बार ) 

Q.20 Who is the author of 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas'?


1. Sushma Swaraj

2. Prem Chand

3. Narendra Modi

4. Ravi Shankar Prasad

Q.21 On which day of the year is the earth farthest from the sun, at a position called


1. 4 July

2. 23 October

3. 16 August

4. 12 May

Q.22 Kartarpur Sahib corridor connects Dera Baba Nanak Shrine in Gurdaspur, India to
Kartarpur Gurudwara in Pakistan, which is located near the banks of the river ______.


1. Sutlej

2. Chenab

3. Ravi

4. Jhelum

Q.23 Who has been appointed as the 47th Chief Justice of India?


1. Nilam Sawhney

2. Sharad Arvind Bobde

3. Sanjay Karol

4. Ravi Ranjan

Q.24 The President of India can hold office for a term of ______ year/s.


1. 3

2. 5

3. 1

4. 10

Q.25 The ‘Bharat Ratna Award 2019’ was NOT conferred upon:


1. Bhupen Hazarika (posthumous)

2. Nanaji Deshmukh (posthumous)

3. Medha Patkar

4. Pranab Mukherjee