Model Questions for SSC CHSL (SET-118) REASONING

Model Questions for SSC CHSL (SET-118) REASONING

1. Directions: In the following question from among the given alternative select the one in which the set of numbers is most like the set of number given in the questions.
Give Set:(4, 25, 81)

(a) (4, 36, 79)
(b) (9, 48, 81)
(c) (16, 64, 100)
(d) (9,49, 143)

2. In the following question, number of letters are skipped in between by a particular rule. Which of the following series observes the rule?


3. Directions: In the following question, which one of the given response would be a meaningful order of the following?

(1) Ocean
(2) Rivulet
(3) Sea
(4) Glacier
(5) River

(a) 5,2,3,1,4
(b) 4,2,5,3,1
(c) 5,2,3,4,1
(d) 4,2,1,3,5

4. Directions: Arrange the following words as per order in the dictionary.

(1) Preposition
(2) Preperatively
(3) Preposterous
(4) Preponderate
(5) Prepossess

(a) 2,4,1,5,3
(b) 1,5,2,4,3
(c) 5,4,2,3,1
(d) 4,2,5,1,3

5. Which one of set of letters when sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it?

(a) acbcc
(b) aacbc
(c) babbb
(d) bcbba

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1. (c) 2. (c) 3. (b) 4. (a) 5. (b)