Model Questions for SSC CHSL (SET-101) GENERAL AWARENESS

Model Questions for SSC CHSL (SET-101) GENERAL AWARENESS

1. Why two. thin shirts can keep us warmer than a single thick shirt in winter ?

(a) Two thin shirts become thicker so prevent transmission of heat
(b) Air layer between two shirts works as good conductor
(c) Air layer between two shirts behaves like insulating media
(d) No radiation of heat takes place

2. Which laver of the earth’s atmosphere reflect back the radio waves to the earth’s surface ?

(a) ionosphere
(b) stratosphere
(c) mesosphere
(d) exosphere

3. Sound cannot pass through

(a) water
(b) steel
(c) air
(d) vacuum

4. Water is not effective in extinguishing a fire caused by petrol because

(a) the flame is too hot for water to cool it down
(b) water and petrol react chemically
(c) water and petrol are miscible with each other
(d) water and petrol are immiscible with each other and petrol which forms the upper layer continues to bum

5. Helium gas is used in gas balloons instead of hydrogen gas because it is

(a) lighter than hydrogen
(b) more abundant than hydrogen
(c) non-combustible
(d) more stable

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1. (c) 2. (a) 3. (d) 4. (d) 5. (a)