Model Questions for SSC CGL (SET-71) GENERAL AWARENESS

Model Questions for SSC CGL (SET-71) GENERAL AWARENESS

1. As per Railway Budget for 2011- 2012, the senior citizen concession for men has been increased from

(a) 25 % to 30%
(b) 30 % to 40%
(c) 40 % to 50%
(d) 30 % to 50%

2. The monster earthquake-cum tsunami which his Japan on March, 11, 2011 has moved the country’s main island, Honshu, by about

(a) two feet
(b) three feet
(c) five feet
(d) eight feet

3. What is the commonly used unit for measuring the speed of data transmission?

(a) Mega Hertz
(b) Character per second
(c) Bits per second
(d) Nano seconds

4. Which type of reaction produces the most harmful radiation?

(a) Fusion reaction
(b) Fission reaction
(c) Chemicalreaction
(d) Photo-Chemical reaction

5. Which type of glass is used for making glassreinforced plastic?

(a) Pyrex glass
(b) Flint glass
(c) Quartz glass
(d) Fibre glass

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1. (b) 2. (d) 3. (c) 4. (b) 5. (d)