Uttarakhand SSC Sample Papers : Set-A (Series-67-202)

Uttarakhand SSC Sample Papers : Set-A (Series-67-202)

1. The trackball and touchpad are variation of the –
(A) GPS Tracking
(B) Mouse
(D) None of the above

2. In which of the following districts is the Nachiketa lake located ?
(A) Tehri
(B) Uttarkashi
(C) Nainital
(D) Haridwar

3. Nine days ago, Surya went to market. He goes to market only on Thursday. Which day is today ?
(A) Thursday
(B) Sunday
(C) Tuesday
(D) Saturday

4. In Uttarakhand “One Naali Land” is equivalent to how many square metre ?
(A) 100 square metre
(B) 150 square metre
(C) 200 square metre
(D) 300 square metre

5. The mouth of Volcano is known as –
(A) Cone
(B) Pipe
(C) Crater
(D) Vent

6. In a joint family, there are father-mother, three married son and one unmarried daughter of the son two have two daughters each and one has a son. How many female members are there in a family ?
(A) 9
(B) 3
(C) 6
(D) 2

7. Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant National Museum is located at ?
(A) Tehri
(B) Pithoragarh
(C) Uttarkashi
(D) Almora

8. An optical mouse uses ______ to judge the distance, direction and speed of its travel.
(A) Ball
(B) Rings
(C) Rollers
(D) Light beam

9. Which of the given letters will complete the following series –
a b __ c a b __ b c c __ __ a __ c __ a b
(A) c b a b a b
(B) c a a b b c
(C) b a b a c a
(D) c a b b a c1

10. When was the debating club established in Almora ?
(A) 1865
(B) 1868
(C) 1869
(D) 1870

11. Where in the confluence of rivers “Kali and Gori” ?
(A) Haridwar
(B) Ramnagar
(C) Jauljibi
(D) Baijnath

12. If DELHI is coded as 73541 and CALCUTTA as 82589662, how will CALICUT be coded ?
(A) 5279431
(B) 5978213
(C) 8251896
(D) 8543691

13. Which of the following reservoir is in Uttarakhand ?
(A) Nanaksagar
(B) Bahgul
(C) Haripur
(D) All of the above

14. Administrative training Institute in Uttarakhand is situated at –
(A) Dehradun
(B) Nainital
(C) Haldwani
(D) Rishikesh

15. If 1 is subtracted from the third digit of each of the given numbers and first and third digits are interchanged then what will be second digit of the smallest number so formed ?
568, 285, 793, 414, 825
(A) 2
(B) 9
(C) 8
(D) 6

16. Traditional Odani of Kumaun is called ‘Rangawali Pichhoda’ because of its –
(A) Colour
(B) Designing
(C) Colour and designing
(D) Sign of Swastik

17. When and where did ‘Maiti’ movement started ?
(A) 1995 Gwaldam Chamoli
(B) 2005 Nagnath Chamoli
(C) 2007 Joshimath Chamoli
(D) 2013 Noti Chamoli

18. Choose out the odd one ?
(A) Himachal Pradesh
(B) Chandigarh
(C) Punjab
(D) Haryana

19. Where was “Pragya Mandal” organisation formed in 1939 ?
(A) Dev Prayag
(B) Pauri
(C) Nainital
(D) Dehradun

20. Which town in Uttarakhand is situated on the bank of the river “Saryu and Gomti” ?
(A) Gopeshwar
(B) Bageshwar
(C) Rudraprayag
(D) Devprayag

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