Uttarakhand SSC Sample Papers : Set-A (Series-11-001)

Uttarakhand SSC Sample Papers : Set-A (Series-11-001)

1. Who established ‘Panwar Dynasty’ ?
(A) Ajay Pal
(B) Kanak Pal
(C) Man Shah
(D) Fateh Shah

2. Which one of the following is known as ‘Mystery Lake’ of Uttarakhand ?
(A) Sukhatal
(B) Khurpatal
(C) Roopkund
(D) Hemkund

3. Who was the king of Garhwal, when ‘Garhwal - Mughal’ relation was cordial ?
(A) Prithvipati Shah
(B) Fateh Shah
(C) Mahipal Shah
(D) Shyam Shah

4. Who was the first recipient of ‘Paramvir Chakra’ from Kumaun Regiment ?
(A) Major Shaitan Singh
(B) Major Somnath Sharma
(C) General B.C. Joshi
(D) Major-General B.C. Khanduri

5. Which is the Garhwali movie made by Pareshwar Gaur in year 1981 ?
(A) Jagwal
(B) Magha Aa
(C) Ghar Jawaen
(D) Kainja

6. Which of the following is a folk singer ?
(A) Sarojini Kaitura
(B) Chandra Singh ‘Rahi’
(C) Harshwanti Bisht
(D) Bachendri Pal

7. Which of the following Chief Minister
formed ‘Kaushik Samiti’
(A) Rajnath Singh
(B) Mulayam Singh
(C) Kalyan Singh
(D) Mayawati

8. Who established ‘Shamiar Natya Club’ in the city of Tehri ?
(A) Bhavani Dutt Uniyal
(B) Chakra Dhar Juyal
(C) Shiv Narayan Singh
(D) Jodh Singh Negi

9. Who has get the first degree of D.Lit. in Hindi, out of the following ?
(A) Shiva Nand Nautiyal
(B) Pitmabar Dutt Barthwal
(C) Harimohan
(D) None of the above

10. Who is the Chief Secretary of Uttarakhand Government ?
(A) Shatrughan Singh
(B) Manisha Panwar
(C) S. Ramaswamy
(D) Radha Raturi

11. Which was the first Hindi Newspaper published from Uttarakhand region ?
(A) Samay Vinod
(B) Yugvaani
(C) Swadheen Praja
(D) Almora Akhbaar

12. The Devidhura fair is celebrated in which month ?
(A) Shrawan
(B) Kartik
(C) Chaitra
(D) Falguna

13. According to 13th Forest Report, what is the percentage of forest cover area in uttarakhand ?
(A) 46.71
(B) 46.25
(C) 45.82
(D) None of the above

14. ‘Sanskriti Portal’ of Uttarakhand is developed for preserving for which language –
(A) Hindi
(B) Sanskrit
(C) Kumauni & Garhwali
(D) All of the above

15. In which of the following year was Jim Corbett Park declared as Tiger Reserve ?
(A) 1965 A.D.
(B) 1970 A.D.
(C) 1973 A.D.
(D) 1980 A.D.

16. Which tribe practices the work of seasonal animal grazing ?
(A) Boksa
(B) Jaunsari
(C) Bhotia
(D) Tharu

17. In SI system, power of lens is measured in –
(A) Om (Ω)
(B) Ampere (A)
(C) Dioptre (D)
(D) Centimetre (Cm)

18. Who is the Human Resource Minister of India ?
(A) Arun Jaitley
(B) Smriti Irani
(C) Prakash Javadekar
(D) None of the above

19. The first women freedom fighter of present Uttarakhand area who went jail –
(A) Laxmi Tamta
(B) Jayanti Devi Pant
(C) Vishni Devi Shah
(D) Tulsi Devi Rawat

20. Which is the smallest district of Uttarakhand in area ?
(A) Rudraprayag
(B) Champawat
(C) Bageshwar
(D) Haridwar

21. What was the royal emblem of Chand Dynasty ?
(A) Cow
(B) Buffalo
(C) Horse
(D) Snake

22. Which game Gagan Narang is associated with ?
(A) Billiards
(B) Chess
(C) Shooting
(D) Badminton

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