SSC MTS 2019 EXAM PAPER : Held on 22 August-2019 Shift-1 ::GENERAL AWARENESS::


SSC MTS 2019 EXAM PAPER : Held on 22 August-2019 Shift-1


Q.1 निम्नलिखित  मे से पूर्व घाट की स बसे ऊँची चोटी कौन-सी है?
1. धूपगढ़
2. कलुमार पीक
3. अरमा कोंडा 
4. नमचा बरवा

Correct Answer:  अरमा कोंडा 

Q.2 Which among the following indirect taxes is charged by the Central Government?
1. Service Tax
2. Luxury Tax
3. Purchase Tax
4. Taxes on Lottery

Correct Answer: Service Tax

Q.3 Who was the President of the Congress Session held in Calcutta in 1906?
1. Gopal Krishan Gokhale
2. Dadabhai Naroji
3. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
4. Lala Lajpat Rai

Correct Answer: Dadabhai Naroji

Q.4 Which among the following is NOT a characteristic of Black soil?
1. It is best soil for cotton cultivation.
2. It has low water retaining capacity.
3. It is rich in iron, lime and magnesium.
4. The texture is clayey.

Correct Answer: It has low water retaining capacity.

Q.5 In which of the following states is the Similipal Biosphere Reserve located?
1. West Bengal
2. Odisha
3. Maharashtra
4. Uttar Pradesh

Correct Answer: Odisha

Q.6 Which among the following is the lowermost plants of the plant kingdom?
1. Thallophyta
2. Pteridophyta
3. Phanerogamae
4. Bryophyta

Correct Answer: Thallophyta

Q.7 नियत ताप पर,किसी द्रव मे गैस की घुलनशील ता द्रव या विलयन की सतह के ऊपर एकत्रित गैस की आंशिक दाब के समानुपाती होती है'| यह कौन-सा नियम  है?
1. हेनरी कानियम
2. बॉयल का नियम
3. चार्ल्स नियम
4. न्यूटन का नियम

Correct Answer: हेनरी कानियम

Q.8 What is the tagline for Punjab National Bank?
1. Good People to Bank With
2. Where India banks
3. The Name You Bank Upon
4. Honours Your Trust

Correct Answer:  The Name You Bank Upon

Q.9 On which date did the NITI Aayog replace the Planning Commission?
1. 1st of January 2017
2. 1st of January 2014
3. 1st of January 2016
4. 1st of January 2015

Correct Answer: 1st of January 2015

Q.10 Who among the following Mughal Emperors was called as Darvesh or a Zinda Fakir?
1. Aurangzeb
2. Shah Jahan
3. Humayun
4. Babur

Correct Answer: Aurangzeb

Q.11 Talonite is a combination of cobalt and ____________.
1. chromium
2. zinc
3. copper
4. iron

Correct Answer: chromium

Q.12 Which among the following institution was  proposed to fund, coordinate and promote research in the country?
1. Research and Development Centre
2. Indian Research Centre
3. National Research Foundation
4. All India Research Institution

Correct Answer: National Research Foundation

Q.13 ____________ are commonly known as comb jellies.
1. Platyhelminthes
2. Arthropoda
3. Ctenophora
4. Mollusca

Correct Answer: Ctenophora

Q.14 Raj Ghat is the memorial of ___________.
1. Indira Gandhi
2. Rajiv Gandhi
3. Mahatma Gandhi
4. Jawaharlal Nehru

Correct Answer:  Mahatma Gandhi

Q.15 Which amendment made it mandatory for the President to give his assent to the Constitutional Amendment bills?
1. 24th
2. 58th
3. 44th
4. 28th

Correct Answer: 24th

Q.16 Which among the following is the largest among the four ancient civilizations?
1. Mesopotamia
2. China
3. Egypt
4. Indus Valley Civilization

Correct Answer: Egypt

Q.17 Who was the first Indian to win the All England Badminton Championship?
1. Prakash Padukone
2. Saina Nehwal
3. Srikanth Kidambi
4. P.V. Sindhu

Correct Answer: Prakash Padukone

Q.18 Which is the largest lake in the world in terms of surface area?
1. Lake Huron
2. Lake Tanganyika
3. Lake Superior
4. Caspian Sea

Correct Answer: Caspian Sea

Q.19 Which article of the Indian Constitution states that the 'Law declared by Supreme Court is to be binding on all courts' within the territory of India?
1. Article 127
2. Article 133
3. Article 147
4. Article 141

Correct Answer: Article 141

Q.20 Who is the author of 'Black  Beauty'?
1. Charles Dickens
2. Carlo Collodi
3. Mark Twain
4. Anna Sewell

Correct Answer: Anna Sewell

Q.21 जून 2019 तक की थित के अनुसार,विश्व  स्वास्थ्य संगठन (WHO) के महािनदेशक कौन है?
1. कैरिसा एफ़ इटिएन
2. हेनरिटा एच फोर
3. टेड्रोस अदनोम घेब्येयियस 
4. सुजसना जैकब

Correct Answer: टेड्रोस अदनोम घेब्येयियस 

Q.22 _________ dance is performed  only by the unmarried girls of the Malwa community.
1. Kaksar
2. Saila
3. Phulpati
4. Karma

Correct Answer: Phulpati

Q.23 Name the cricketer who became the first ever batsman to score 5000 runs in the IPL format.
1. Virat Kohli
2. Shikhar Dhawan
3. Suresh Raina
4. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Correct Answer:  Suresh Raina

Q.24 निम्नलिखित प्रसिद्ध स्मारकों में से किसको पैलेस ऑफ विड्स कहा जाता है?
1. ताजमहल
2. लेह महल
3. विक्टोरिया मेमोरयल
4. हवामहल

Correct Answer: हवामहल

Q.25 One of the most important music forms of Uttarakhand, ________ was originally performed in royal courts.
1. Maand
2. Somar
3. Thadya
4. Baryi

Correct Answer: Thadya


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