SSC MTS 2019 EXAM PAPER : Held on 19 August-2019 Shift-1 :: GENERAL AWARENESS ::


SSC MTS 2019 EXAM PAPER : Held on 19 August-2019 Shift-1


Q.1 In terms of total land area what is India's rank in the world in the list of largest countries?
1. 4
2. 5
3. 6
4. 7

Correct Answer:  7

Q.2 'Akbarnama' and 'Ain-i-Akbari" are written by ________.
1. Akbar
2. Ziauddin Barani
3. Abul Fazal
4. Abdul Qadir Badayuni

Correct Answer: Abul Fazal

Q.3 Kapaleeswarar Temple in Tamil Nadu is dedicated to which Indian God?
1. Vishnu
2. Durga
3. Brahma
4. Shiva

Correct Answer: Shiva

Q.4 The percentage of deposits which a bank must keep as cash reserves with itself is known as ________.
1. Liquidity Reserve Ratio
2. Statutory Liquidity Ratio
3. Capital Output Ratio
4. Cash Reserve Ratio

Correct Answer: Cash Reserve Ratio

Q.5 Where is the head office of Vijaya Bank situated?
1. Kolkata
2. Bangalore
3. Mumbai
4. Delhi

Correct Answer: Bangalore

Q.6 Which Organisation has won the 2018 Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace Disarmament and Development?
1. Centre for Science and Environment
2. NITI Aayog
3. Peace for India
4. Wildlife International

Correct Answer: Centre for Science and Environment

Q.7 Members of which National Association were led by Chandrashekhar Azad and Bhagat Singh?
1. Hindustan Socialist Republican Association
2. Indian National Congress
3. Rashtiya Sewa Sangh
4. Communist Party of India

Correct Answer: Hindustan Socialist Republican Association

Q.8 With reference to the famous monastries of India, which of the following pairs is incorrect?
1. Tawang-Arunachal Pradesh
2. Key-Himachal Pradesh
3. Rumtek-Sikkim
4. Ghum-Jammu and Kashmir

Correct Answer: Ghum-Jammu and Kashmir

Q.9 Atoms of different elements with different atomic numbers, having same mass number is known as _________.
1. Isobars
2. Isohalines
3. Isotopes
4. Ion

Correct Answer: Isobars

Q.10 Bathukamma festival is  celebrated in which state of India?
1. Punjab
2. Telangana
3. Uttar Pradesh
4. Maharashtra

Correct Answer: Telangana


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Q.11 Which of the following is NOT a type of Fungi?
1. Agarics
2. Penicillium
3. Gonyaulax
4. Aspergillus

Correct Answer: Gonyaulax

Q.12 Which of the following is NOT a coastal landform?
1. Moraines
2. Sea Cliff
3. Sea Caves
4. Sea Stacks

Correct Answer: Moraines

Q.13 Who won Hero Indian  Super League 2018-19?
1. Kerala Blasters
2. FC Goa
3. Bengaluru FC
4. Atletico de Kolkata

Correct Answer: Bengaluru FC

Q.14 Paytm partnered with which  of the following institutions to help customers make insurance premium payments online in November 2018?
1. United India Insurance
2. Life Insurance Corporation
3. General Insurance Company
4. Oriental Insurance Company

Correct Answer: Life Insurance Corporation

Q.15 The commonly used Vitamin B Complex is constituted of how many vitamins?
1. 8
2. 12
3. 10
4. 6

Correct Answer: 8

Q.16 When did the Constitutent Assembly adopt the Constitution of India?
1. 26th November 1949
2. 26th January 1950
3. 26th November 1947
4. 26th January 1947

Correct Answer: 26th November 1949

Q.17 Exchange of gases occurs through which part of the plant tissue?
1. Phloem
2. Stomata
3. Xylem
4. Midrib

Correct Answer: Stomata

Q.18 As of January 2019, Agriculture as a subject is included in which list of the Constitution?
1. Residuary Powers
2. Union list
3. State List
4. Concurrent List

Correct Answer: State List

Q.19 India lifted South Asian Football Federation SAFF Women's Championship for how many times in a row in March 2019?
1. 3rd
2. 6th
3. 4th
4. 5th

Correct Answer: 5th

Q.20 The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, which gives every child aged 6-14 the fundamental right for education, was assented to in which year? 
1. 2001
2. 1975
3. 2009
4. 1947

Correct Answer: 2009

Q.21 In which year was the Battle of Saragarhi fought?
1. 1880
2. 1870
3. 1897
4. 1890

Correct Answer: 1897

Q.22 The largest inhabited riverine island is located on which river?
1. Brahmaputra
2. Godavari
3. Ganga
4. Krishna

Correct Answer: Brahmaputra

Q.23 Which of the following is known as energy currency of the cell?
1. Adenosine Diphosphate
2. Adenosine Triphosphate
3. Glycine Triphosphate
4. Adenosine Phosphate

Correct Answer: Adenosine Triphosphate

Q.24 Which film has won the IIFA best  film Award 2018?
1. Mom
2. Newton
3. Tumhari Sulu
4. Hindi Medium

Correct Answer: Tumhari Sulu

Q.25 The Battle of Karnal in 1739 was fought between Nadir Shah and whom among the following?
1. Akbar Shah
2. Bahadur Shah Zafar
3. Aurangzeb
4. Muhammad Shah

Correct Answer: Muhammad Shah


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