SSC MTS 2019 EXAM PAPER : Held on 16 August-2019 shift-1 ::GENERAL AWARENESS::


SSC MTS 2019 EXAM PAPER : Held on 16 August-2019 Shift-1


Q.1 Upper House of the Indian Parliament is also known as _____.
1. Lok Sabha
2. Rajya Sabha
3. Vidhan Parishad
4. Vidhan Sabha

Correct Answer: Rajya Sabha

Q.2 Peacock Island Temple is also known as _______.
1. Umananda Temple
2. Kailashnath Temple
3. Tirupati Temple
4. Jagannath Temple

Correct Answer: Umananda Temple

Q.3 How many elements are there in the periodic table such that for every element name there is a single alphabet that symbolically represents it (for example, B-Boron, C-Carbon etc.)?
1. 10
2. 17
3. 7
4. 14

Correct Answer: 14

Q.4 Name the actor who got the best Lead Actor ( Male) award in the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) in 2019.
1. Rami Malek
2. Steve Coogan
3. Bradley Cooper
4. Christian Bale

Correct Answer: Rami Malek

Q.5 Which of the following rivers does NOT drain into the sea?
1. Godavari
2. Narmada
3. Banas
4. Ganga

Correct Answer:  Banas

Q.6 Which Economic Survey was also called 'Pink Economic Survey' ?
1. Economic Survey 2017-18
2. Economic Survey 2015-16
3. Economic Survey 2016-17
4. Economic Survey 2018-19

Correct Answer: Economic Survey 2017-18

Q.7 Which event led to the termination of Non-Cooperation - Khilafat Movement by Gandhiji?
1. Passing of Rowlatt Act
2. Chauri - Chaura Incident
3. Death of Bal Gangadhar Tilak
4. Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

Correct Answer: Chauri - Chaura Incident

Q.8 What is Nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?
1. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that is calculated in terms of crypto currency.
2. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that is calculated by taking a base year as a determinant.
3. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that is calculated at the current market price.
4. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that excludes all exports and imports in the calculation.

Correct Answer: The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that is calculated at the current market price.

Q.9 What is the peculiarity of the compound Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide (YBCO)?
1. It is a highly radioactive material
2. It is a high temperature superconductor
3. It is an almost 100% transparent material
4. It has got very high malleability and ductility

Correct Answer:  It is a high temperature superconductor

Q.10 Black soil is mostly found in which part of India?
1. Himalayas
2. Peninsular Plateau
3. Desert
4. Coastal Plains

Correct Answer:  Peninsular Plateau


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Q.11 Fine leg, Gully, and Midwicket are terms associated with which Sport?
1. Football
2. Cricket
3. Volleyball
4. Hockey

Correct Answer: Cricket

Q.12 Where is Shore Temple located in India?
1. Kanchipuram
2. Chennai
3. Sarnath
4. Mahabalipuram

Correct Answer: Mahabalipuram

Q.13 "The general theory of Employment,  Interest and money" (1936) was written by ______.
1. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
2. Adam Smith
3. John Maynard Keynes
4. Amartya sen

Correct Answer: John Maynard Keynes

Q.14 What is the S.I. unit of  Energy?
1. Joule
2. Newton
3. Hertz
4. Pascal

Correct Answer: Joule

Q.15 Southernmost point of the Peninsular Plateau is marked by which of the following hills?
1. Velikonda
2. Girnar
3. Nilgiri
4. Anaconda

Correct Answer: Nilgiri

Q.16 Which metal was earlier called  Wolfram?
1. Tungsten
2. Molybdenum
3. Zinc
4. Radium

Correct Answer: Tungsten

Q.17 Wangala festival is celebrated in which of the following states of India?
1. Bihar
2. Kerala
3. Tamil Nadu
4. Meghalaya

Correct Answer: Meghalaya

Q.18 Which of the following organisations is the governing body of World Tennis?
1. Tennis Council
2. International Tennis Council
3. Tennis Federation
4. International Tennis Federation

Correct Answer:  International Tennis Federation

Q.19 Who was the first National Security Advisor of India?
1. Pankaj Singh
2. Manmohan Singh
3. Prof. Rajinder Khanna
4. Brajesh Mishra

Correct Answer: Brajesh Mishra

Q.20 Elections to Panchayats in a State are conducted by ______.
1. Election Commission of India
2. Joint Public Service Commission
3. State Election Commission
4. Gram Sabha

Correct Answer: State Election Commission

Q.21 The split in Congress occurred in which of the following sessions?
1. Karachi Session 1934
2. Lahore Session 1927
3. Kanpur Session 1922
4. Surat Session 1907

Correct Answer: Surat Session 1907

Q.22 Raja Ravi Varma, considered as one of the greatest painters of India, hailed from which of these states?
1. Maharashtra
2. Karnataka
3. West Bengal
4. Kerala

Correct Answer: Kerala

Q.23 Which amendment of the Constitution is called as the 'mini constitution of India’ and was
brought in during the national emergency in the year 1976?
1. 54th Amendment
2. 25th Amendment
3. 24th Amendment
4. 42nd Amendment

Correct Answer: 42nd Amendment

Q.24 Which of the following pairs represents a parasitic relationship?
1. Algae - Coral reefs
2. Ticks on Dog
3. Remora Fish - Sharks
4. Cattle Egrets - Livestock

Correct Answer: Ticks on Dog

Q.25 In which year, first Gender Budget Statement appeared in the Union Budget of India?
1. 2001-02
2. 2005-06
3. 2010-11
4. 2007-08

Correct Answer: 2005-06


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