SSC MTS 2019 EXAM PAPER : Held on 09 August-2019 Shift-2 ::GENERAL AWARENESS::


SSC MTS 2019 EXAM PAPER : Held on 09 August-2019 Shift-2


Q.1 In which of the following states is Kandla port situated?
1. Goa
2. Gujarat
3. Odisha
4. Maharashtra

Correct Answer: Gujarat

Q.2 Lavani is a folk dance of which of the following states of India?
1. Rajasthan
2. Jharkhand
3. Gujarat
4. Maharashtra

Correct Answer: Maharashtra

Q.3 In which of the following period Ostriches were found in India?
1. Palaeolithic Period
2. Neolithic Period
3. Mesolithic Period
4. Megalithic Period

Correct Answer:  Palaeolithic Period

Q.4 Who among the following was called as ‘Ajatshatru’ by Gandhiji?
1. Lala Lajpat Rai
2. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
3. Bhagat Singh
4. Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Correct Answer: Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Q.5 Who among the following was greatest ruler of Pratihara Dynasty?
1. Nagabhata
2. Ramabhadra
3. Mihir Bhoja
4. Samantasena

Correct Answer: Mihir Bhoja

Q.6 Who is the writer of ‘Revolution 2020’?
1. Chetan Bhagat
2. Amish Tripathi
3. Ravindra Singh
4. Vikram Seth

Correct Answer: Chetan Bhagat

Q.7 Which of the following is NOT a process of water cycle?
1. Ammonification
2. Transpiration
3. Evaporation
4. Condensation

Correct Answer: Ammonification

Q.8 Which of the Article of Indian Constitution tells about the election of President?
1. Article 51A
2. Article 54
3. Article 51
4. Article 53

Correct Answer:  Article 54

Q.9 Which of the following element is found in the Balaghat Mines of Madhya Pradesh?
1. Gold
2. Zinc
3. Copper
4. Graphite

Correct Answer: Copper


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Q.10 Which of the following award is  NOT given by Madhya Pradesh Government?
1. Kishore Kumar Award
2. Rani Laxmi Bai Award
3. Kalidas Samman
4. Lata Mangeshkar Award

Correct Answer:  Rani Laxmi Bai Award

Q.11 Which city will be host of Summer Olympic 2020?
1. Tokyo
2. Paris
3. London
4. Beijing

Correct Answer: Tokyo

Q.12 Who is the founder of Indian Overseas Bank?
1. M. Chidambaram Chettyar
2. V. G. Kale
3. Devkaran Nanjee 
4. Rana Kapoor 

Correct Answer: M. Chidambaram Chettyar

Q.13 The Khurda Uprising took place in the year:
1. 1817
2. 1822
3. 1917
4. 1875

Correct Answer: 1817

Q.14 Which of the following cricket playing nations secured the Test Championship title for a third successive year in March 2019?
1. India
2. South Africa
3. Australia
4. England

Correct Answer: India

Q.15 Which of the following energy is NOT from sea?
1. Wave Energy
2. Geothermal Energy
3. Ocean Thermal Energy
4. Tidal Energy

Correct Answer: Geothermal Energy

Q.16 Who built the Sheesh Mahal in Patiala?
1. Yadavindra Singh
2. Baba Ala Singh Sidhu
3. Maharaja Narinder Singh
4. Bhalindra Singh

Correct Answer: Maharaja Narinder Singh

Q.17 Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of sound wave?
1. Velocity
2. Nature
3. Wavelength
4. Amplitude

Correct Answer: Nature

Q.18 Where was the first International  Earth Summit held?
1. New York
2. Johannesburg
3. Rio de Janeiro
4. Stockholm

Correct Answer: Rio de Janeiro

Q.19 What is the symbol of element Lead?
1. S
2. Ag
3. Pb
4. K

Correct Answer: Pb

Q.20 Which of the following Country is NOT a member of World Trade Organization?
1. Israel
2. Iran
3. Guinea
4. Norway

Correct Answer:  Iran

Q.21 What should be the investment of Micro enterprises in plant & machinery (Manufacturing Sector)?
1. Between twenty five lakh and fifty lakh
2. More than fifty lakh
3. More than twenty five lakh
4. Not more than twenty five lakh

Correct Answer: Not more than twenty five lakh

Q.22 Where is Tansen Samaroh  celebrated?
1. Gwalior
2. Indore
3. Jabalpur
4. Bhopal

Correct Answer: Gwalior

Q.23 Who among the following suggested that life must have developed from simple inorganic molecule?
1. Gregor Mendel
2. J.B.S. Haldane
3. Charles Darwin
4. Stanley L. Miller

Correct Answer: J.B.S. Haldane

Q.24 As of June 2019, who is the Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister of India?
1. Smriti Zubin Irani
2. Piyush Goel
3. Ramesh Pokhriyal
4. Ramvilas Paswan

Correct Answer: Ramesh Pokhriyal

Q.25 Who was the President of India during the State of Emergency (1975-77)?
1. Shri Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
2. Dr. Zakir Hussain
3. Giani Zail Singh
4. Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

Correct Answer: Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed


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