SSC MTS 2019 EXAM PAPER : Held on 07 August-2019 Shift-3 ::GENERAL AWARENESS::


SSC MTS 2019 EXAM PAPER : Held on 07 August-2019 Shift-3


Q.1 First cotton mill in India was set up in which city?
1. Ahmedabad
2. Nashik
3. Bombay
4. Madras

Correct Answer:  Bombay

Q.2 ______,the code-breaker  during World War II has been chosen by Bank of England to feature
on Britain’s new £50 note.
1. Michael Faraday
2. Sir Christopher Wren
3. Sir John Houblon
4. Alan Turing

Correct Answer:  Alan Turing

Q.3 Arrange the following metals in the decreasing order of reactivity:
1. Iron > sodium > silver > gold
2. Sodium > silver > iron > gold
3. Gold > silver > iron > sodium
4. Sodium > iron > silver > gold

Correct Answer:  Sodium > iron > silver > gold

Q.4     GST council is headed by:
1. Union Finance Minister
2. CAG
3. RBI governor
4. Prime minister

Correct Answer:  Union Finance Minister

Q.5 King Jay Adams is associated with which of the following Sports?
1. Horce Racing
2. Billards
3. Skateboarding
4. Golf

Correct Answer:  Skateboarding

Q.6 Which of the following diseases is caused by virus?
1. Ringworm
2. Cholera
3. Measles
4. Typhoid

Correct Answer:  Measles

Q.7 Which of the following institutions is India’s National Academy of Letters?
1. Sahitya Akademi
2. Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts
3. Lalit Kala Akademi
4. Centre for Cultural Resources and Training

Correct Answer:  Sahitya Akademi

Q.8 Which of the following is also called the First Law of Thermodynamics?
1. Boyle's Law
2. Law of Conservation of Energy
3. Charles' Law
4. Law of Conservation of Mass

Correct Answer:  Law of Conservation of Energy

Q.9 Which of the following Indian cities has got UNESCO World Heritage site tag?
1. Ahmedabad
2. Mumbai
3. Agra
4. Bhopal

Correct Answer:  Ahmedabad

Q.10 Ozone gas is present in which layer of atmosphere?
1. Stratosphere
2. Troposphere
3. Ionosphere
4. Mesosphere

Correct Answer:  Stratosphere


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Q.11 In which country is Hambantota port situated?
1. Pakistan
2. Maldives
3. Bangladesh
4. Sri Lanka

Correct Answer:  Sri Lanka

Q.12 Which of the following quality marks are NOT correctly matched?
1. AGMARK - agricultural products
2. HALLMARK - silver jewellery
3. FPO - processed food products
4. ISI - semi-processed food products

Correct Answer:  ISI - semi-processed food products

Q.13 How many non-permanent members does UN Security Council have?
1. 10
2. 12
3. 7
4. 5

Correct Answer:  10

Q.14 Twinkling of stars is mainly due to which phenomena?
1. Diffraction
2. Refraction
3. Reflection
4. Advection

Correct Answer:  Refraction

Q.15 Who is the author of the book "Neel Darpan"?
1. Abanindranath Tagore
2. Mumtaz Ali
3. Dina Bandhu Mitra
4. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

Correct Answer:  Dina Bandhu Mitra

Q.16 Mobile App “cVIGIL” has been launched to?
1. enable citizens to file online RTI
2. enable citizens to report on violation of election code of conduct
3. bring transparency in direct benefit transfer
4. enable citizens to file income tax online

Correct Answer:  enable citizens to report on violation of election code of conduct

Q.17 Andaman and Nicobar jurisdiction comes under which High court?
1. Andhra Pradesh
2. Calcutta
3. Madras
4. Odisha

Correct Answer:  Calcutta

Q.18 Bab-el-Mandeb strait connects which water bodies?
1. Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman
2. Baffin Bay and Labrador Sea
3. Red sea and Gulf of Aden
4. Black sea and sea of Azov

Correct Answer:  Red sea and Gulf of Aden

Q.19 Which of the following adjectives is NOT a part of the Preamble?
1. Liberty
2. Tolerant
3. Sovereign
4. Secular

Correct Answer:  Tolerant

Q.20 Who renounced his Knighthood against the Jallianwala Bagh atrocity?
1. Syed Ahmad Khan
2. S Subramania Iyer
3. Mahatma Gandhi
4. Rabindranath Tagore

Correct Answer:  Rabindranath Tagore

Q.21 What is the national game of USA?
1. Baseball
2. Basketball
3. Cricket
4. Football

Correct Answer:  Baseball

Q.22 _________ of reservation in government jobs and education granted to the economically backward among the general category as announced in the Interim Budget 2019.
1. 0.15
2. 0.1
3. 0.12
4. 0.05

Correct Answer:  0.1

Q.23 PRASAD Scheme (Pilgrimage rejuvenation and Spiritual, Heritage Augmentation Drive) has been launched under which Ministry?
1. Ministry of External Affairs
2. Ministry of Tourism
3. Ministry of Housing and Urban affairs
4. Ministry of Culture

Correct Answer:  Ministry of Tourism

Q.24 Which of the following is NOT a primary activity?
1. Agriculture
2. Construction
3. Mining
4. Fishing

Correct Answer:  Construction

Q.25 What was known as ‘Calico’ during pre-imperialism period?
1. Coal
2. Rice
3. Iron
4. Cotton

Correct Answer:   Cotton


(E-Book) SSC MTS EXAM Papers PDF Download

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