SSC-SR : Instructions for Stenography Test on Computer Proficiency Test April 2014

Staff Selection Commission (SR) Chennai

Instructions to the Candidates for Stenography / Proficiency Test for Stenographer (OG) / Grade ‘D’ & Grade ‘C’ & Departmental Examinations

1. The Commission will provide the Computer and Shorthand Notebook for the  test.

2. For stenography test (on computer) at the speed of 100/120 wpm for  Proficiency test for Stenographers for grant of advance increments is as under:

Speed  w.p.m. Duration of  Dictation Time allowed for reading the dictation taken Time allowed for transcription on computer
100 w.p.m. 10 minutes 10 minutes 40 minutes
120 w.p.m. 07 minutes 10 minutes 35 minutes

3. Candidates are required to report to the Supervisor at the reporting time indicated on their Admission Certificate. The candidate must bring original Admission Certificate issued to him/her by the Commission for securing admission to the Test of Stenography.

4. Travelling and other expenses must be borne by the candidates themselves.

5. The candidates will be required to take their seat ten minutes before commencement of the Stenography Test. If the computer goes out of order during transcription, the candidate should not shout or disturb others, but should remain seated quietly and inform the Invigilator.

6. Candidates should type their particulars (Roll No., etc.) in the space provided on  the screen, verify his/her personal details on the next screen and press the button ‘CONFIRM’. He should familiarize himself with the Instructions available on Commission’s website

7. Candidates shall be given two trial passages each of one minute’s duration which need not be transcribed. Thereafter, the actual passage shall be dictated. As soon as it is over, the candidates shall return to the transcription room and read their shorthand notes silently for ten minutes. The time for the commencement of the transcription will be announced by the Invigilator/Venue Supervisor as soon as the reading time is over. Thereafter, they will have to complete their transcription including comparison, correction etc. within the stipulated time. The candidate shall have to transcribe the shorthand notes in DOUBLE SPACE.

8. Immediately after the Stenography test is over, the candidate will have to write in his/her own handwriting one paragraph of about 50-60 words from the Shorthand passage given to him/her on a separate sheet and will have to put his/her name, Roll No. and signature at the end.

9. Candidates should not tear any sheet given to them. When the printout of the  transcript typed by him/her is given to him/her, he/she must write his roll no. and name  on each page, sign and handover the same to the invigilator.

10. They should not take either script or any blank typing paper out of the  Examination Hall.

11. Every candidate will be supplied with a photo bearing attendance Sheet with  his/her Roll number. He/she will be required to sign it and put his/her Left Hand Thumb  impression before the beginning of the Test.

12. Candidates shall not be permitted to leave the Examination Hall until the expiry of  the Test.

13. On completion of the test, they shall remain seated at their desks and wait until  their scripts are collected and accounted for. They must not type, write or erase after the  expiry of the allotted time.

14. Silence must be observed in the Examination Hall. Smoking /chewing tobacco in the Examination Hall is strictly prohibited.

15. Candidates must abide by further instructions, if any, which may be given to them  by the Supervisor. If any candidate fails to do so or indulges in disorderly or improper  conduct, he/she will render himself/herself liable to expulsion from the Test or such  other penalty as the Commission may deem fit.

16. Any request for change in time/date/centre/medium of the test will not be  entertained by the Commission under any circumstances.

17. Possession of mobile/cellular phones (whether in use or not) in the examination  hall is strictly prohibited. Failure to do so shall invite disciplinary action as the  Commission may deem fit, including cancellation of  candidature. Candidates are advised in their own interest not to bring these gadgets to the examination venue as there will be no facility for safe-keeping

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Courtesy : SSC SR