(Physical Standards) Delhi Police, CAPFs and Assitant Sub-Inspector in CISF Examination - 2018


(Physical Standards) Delhi Police, CAPFs and Assitant Sub-Inspector in CISF Examination - 2018

:: Physical Standard Test (for all Posts)::

Eligibility Tests (For All Posts)

Category of candidates

Height (in cms)

Chest  (in cms )



(i) For male candidates only (General)




For  candidates  belonging  to  Hill  areas  of Garhwal, Kumaon,Himachal Pradesh,Gorkhas, Dogras, Marathas, Kashmir Valley, Leh & Ladakh regions of J&K, North-Eastern States and Sikkim




For all candidates belonging to Scheduled Tribes




(ii)  For Female candidates only (General)




For candidates belonging to Hill  areas  of Garhwal, Kumaon, Himachal Pradesh,Gorkhas,Dogras, Marathas, Kashmir Valley, Leh & Ladakh regions of J&K, North-Eastern States and Sikkim




For all  candidates  belonging  to  Scheduled Tribe




Physical Efficiency(Endurance) Test(PET) ( For all posts)

(i) For male candidates only:
a) 100 meters race in 16 seconds
b) 1.6 Kms race in 6.5 minutes
c) Long Jump : 3.65 metres in 3 chances
d) High Jump : 1.2 metres in 3 chances
e) Shot put (16 Lbs): 4.5 metres in 3 chance

(ii) For female candidates only:
a) 100 metres race in 18 seconds
b) 800 metres race in 4 minutes
c) Long Jump: 2.7 metres in 3 chances.
d) High Jump: 0.9 metres in 3 chances.

1. There shall be no minimum requirement of chest measurement for Female candidates.
2. Relaxation in height and chest (as the case may be) as mentioned above will be permissible only on production of certificate in the Performa as prescribed in Annexure-VIII from the competent authorities of the District where they ordinarily reside(s).
3. “The relaxation in physical standards (height/ chest) once granted at the time of initial appointment in Delhi Police will hold good till the individual concerned remains in Delhi Police.”
4. Those candidates who are declared not qualified in Physical Standards, i.e. height and chest, may prefer an appeal, if they so desire, to the appellate authority present on the PET/ PST ground. The decision of the appellate authority will be final and no further appeal or representation in this regard will be entertained.


Corresponding to height for all posts.

Medical standard (For all posts)

Eye sight: The minimum near vision should be N6 (better eye) and N9 (worse eye). The minimum distant vision should be 6/6 (better eye) and 6/9 (worse eye). In right handed person, the right eye is better eye and vice versa. The standards should be without visual correction of any kind even by glasses.
1) The candidate must not have knock knee, flat foot, varicose vein or squint in eyes. They must be in good
mental and bodily health and free from any physical defect likely to interfere with the efficient performance of
the duties.

Note-I: Physical endurance test will not carry any marks but will be of qualifying/ elimination nature.

Note-II: Ex-Servicemen applying for the posts are not required to undergo PET. However, all Ex-Servicemen are required to pass the written test and fulfill the physical standards prescribed for direct recruits for recruitment of Sub Inspector/ Assistant Sub-Inspector, as the case may be. They should also pass the medical standards prescribed for direct recruits.

Note-III: The candidature of female candidates who are pregnant at the time of Physical Endurance Test will be rejected as they cannot undergo PET. No appeal/ representation will be entertained against such rejection.

Note-IV: Medical Examination All the candidates who qualify in Paper-II will be medically examined by the Medical Officer of the CAPFs or any other Medical Officer or Assistant Surgeon belonging to Grade I of any Central/ State Govt. Hospital or Dispensary. Candidates, who are found to be unfit, will be informed of the position and they can make an appeal before Review Medical Board within the prescribed time limit of 15 days. Decision of Re-Medical Board/ Review Medical Board will be final and no appeal/ representation against the decision of the Re-Medical Board/ Review Medical Board will be entertained.

Finally selected candidates for the posts of Sub-Inspector and Assistant Sub-Inspector would, as part of training curriculum, have to pass seven obstacle events as mentioned below, failing which they may not be retained in the Force:

i) Jumping over the Vertical Board;

ii) Holding the rope on jumping from the Board. 

iii) Tarzan Swing; iv) Jumping on the Horizontal Board;

v) Parallel Rope; vi) Monkey Crawl;

vii) Vertical Rope.


Study Kit For Sub-Inspectors in Delhi Police & CAPFs, CISF

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