(Info) Notice Regards Misprinting in Paper-II of Sub-inspectors in CAPFs and Delhi Police Examination "Held On 30.08.2015"

(Info) Notice Regards Misprinting in Paper-ii of Sub-inspectors in CAPFs and Delhi Police Examination, 2015 "Held On 30.08.2015 "

It has come to notice of the Commission that in some of the Question Booklets, a particular passage was not printed. However the Questions which were related to the passage were printed as below :

Question:  Dialects are popularly perceived as :

A) refined forms of languages.
B) corrupted forms of languages.

C) languages used in the government offices.
D) languages without grammars.

Question : A standard language is wrongly considered to be linguistically ‘better’ just because –

A) it is a dialect spoken by common people
B) it is a dialect officially adopted by the government.
C) it is a dialect with an Inferior vocabulary.
D) it is a dialect with an unsystematic grammar.

Question : All English dialects have links with :

A) the speech of Scandinavian and  Germanic invaders of Britain.
B) only with those who originally lived in Britain.
C) the Egyptians.
D) none of the above.

Question : Find the word closest in meaning to “ignorant” :

A) uneducated
B) aristocratic
C) refined
D) knowledgeable.

Question : The Germanic invaders occupied Britain during the

A) Recent times.
B) Nineteenth century
C) Post world war I period
D) Middle Ages.

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Courtesy: SSC (NR)