(Sample Paper) SSC: Combined Graduate Level (Tier - I) Exam Paper : (ENGLISH)

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Staff Selection Commission

Combined Graduate Level (Tier - I) Examination

( Sample Test Paper )

1. Aspirin has relieved minor suffering for_____.
(A) thousands of years
(B) the thousand years
(C) thousands of the years
(D) a thousand of year
2. That the sloth____slowly is a fact.
(A) which moves
(B) it moves
(C) moving
(D) moves
3. The sun is a gaseous sphere, _______a solid body like the earth.
(A) not only
(B) only
(C) not
(D) nor
4. In the winter, many animals hibernate, but others___stay active.
(A) the elk
(B) are like the elk
(C) such as the elk
(D) yet the elk
5. When___a body cell, it takes over the cell and manufactures more viruses.
(A) infection by a virus
(B) infects a virus
(C) does a virus infected
(D) a virus infects
6. Galileo's experiments with falling bodies, Pasteur's work with disease germs ___ on
heredity are significant events in the history of science.
(A) and Mendel's research is
(B) and Mendel's research
(C) and Mendel did research
(D) and the research of Mendel


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