(Study Materials) Combined Graduate Level Exam - Tier - II : Trigonometry (MCQ)

Trigonometry (MCQ)

1. The angle of elevation of the top of a tower at a point on the ground is 30O. On walking 24 m towards the tower, the angle of elevation becomes 60O. Find the height of the tower.
(a) 2.076 m
(b) 20.67 m
(c) 2 m
(d) None of these

2. A man wishes to find the height of a flag post which stands on a horizontal plane; at a point on this plane he finds the angle of elevation of the top of the flag post to be 45O. On walking 30 meters towards the town he finds the corresponding angle of elevation to be 60O. Find the height of the flag post?
(a) 69 m
(b) 70 m
(c) 71 m
(d) 74 m

3. The shadow of a vertical pole in of its height. Find the angle of elevation.
(a) 30O
(b) 45O
(c) 60O
(d) 90O

4. A man on the top of a town, standing on the sea share finds that a boat coming towardes him takes 10 minutes for the angle of depression to change from 30O to 60O. Find the time taken by the boat to reach the shore from the position.
(a) 5 min
(b) 10 min
(c) 8 min
(d) 15 min

5. 300m from the foot of a cliff on level ground, the angle of elevation of the top a cliff in 30O. Find the height of this cliff.
(a) 173.20 m
(b) 193.20 m
(c) 180.00 m
(d) 183.20 m