FCI Assistant Grade-III Exam Sample Paper - General Awareness

Food Corporation of India

Previous Years Exam Paper For FCI Assistant Grade-III Exam

FCI Assistant III Grade Exam

1. Kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy in

(A) Electric Motor

(B) Dynamo

(C) Electromagnet

(D) Ammeter

Answer : B

2. Floppy disk is an example of

(A) Read Only Memory

(B) Random Access Memory

(C) Cache Memory

(D) Secondary Storage Memory

Answer : D

3. Which of the following compounds are sprayed over clouds to cause artificial rain?

(A) Ice

(B) NaOH

(C) AgI


Answer : C

4. Iodine deficiency in diet is know to cause

(A) rickets

(B) obesity

(C) scurvy

(D) goitre

Answer : D

5. The refrigeration of the food articles keeps them fresh because

(A) water forms crystals

(B) chemical reaction is slowed down

(C) chemical reaction take place faster

(D) bacteria are killed

Answer : D

6. Which substance is called the ‘liquid gold’?

(A) Gold as a liquid form

(B) Sodium as a liquid form

(C) Mustard oil

(D) Petroleum oil

Answer: D

7. Percentage of silver in German silver is


(B) 0%


(D) 80%

Answer: There is no Silver

8. Which type of compounds are sugar and common salt?

(A) Both are organic compounds

(B) Both are inorganic compounds

(C) Sugar is an organic compound and common salt is an inorganic compound

(D) Sugar is inorganic compound and common salt is an organic compound

Answer : C

9. The chemical name of Vitamin ‘E’ is

(A) Ascorbic acid

(B) Retinol

(C) Tocopherol

(D) Thiamine

Answer : C

10. Which of the following gases has bleaching property

(A) Carbon dioxide

(B) Carbon Monoxide

(C) Chlorine

(D) Hydrogen

Answer: C

11. The heaviest body of our Solar system is

(A) Sun

(B) Uranus

(C) Jupiter

(D) Saturn

Answer: A

12. From amongst the following; Name famous Indian ornithologist

(A) Dr. Salim Ali

(B) Dr. Gopalasamudram N. Ramachandran

(C) Dr. J.B.S. Haldane

(D) Dt H.G. Khorana

Answer: A

13. Who performed the longest space journey in the year 2007

(A). Venus Williams

(B) Serena Willlams

(C) Sunita William

(D) Sir John William

Answer: C

14. ‘The Lost Child’ was written by

(A) Nirad C. Chowdlltiury

(B) Mulk Raj Anand

(C) Khushwant Singh

(D) Annie Besant

Answer: B

15. Dr. MS. Swaminat han has distinguished himself in which of the following fields ?

(A) Nuclear Physics

(B) Agriculture

(C) Astrophysics

(D) Medicine

Answer: B

16. The Headquarters of UNESCO at

(A) Rome

(B) Geneva

(C) Paris

(D) New York

Answer: C

17. January 15 is celebrated as the

(A) Army Day

(B) Martyr’s Day

(C) Independence Day

(D)) Ugadhi

Answer: A

18. Bijapur is known for its

(A) Heavy rainfall

(B) Rock Temple

(C) Gol Gumbaj

(D) Statue of Gomateshwara

Answer: C

19. The Americans are also known as

(A) Kiwis

(B) Yankees

(C) Tories

(D) None of the above

Answer: B

20. India lifted the ONGC Nehru Cup, 2009, after defeating in the final

(A) Syria

(B) Pakistan

(C) Sri Lanka

(D) Bangladesh

Answer: A

21. An element which does not react with oxygen is

(A) Chlorine

(B) Iodine

(C) Helium

(D) Nitrogen

Answer: C

22. During sleep, man’s blood pressure

(A) increases

(B) decreases

(C) fluctuates

(D) remains constant

Answer: B

23. Which Indian film star was recently conferred Honorary Doctorate by Bedfordshire University (U.K.) ?

(A) Amitabh Bachchan

(B) Shah Rukh Khan

(C) Orn Puri

(D) Aamir Khan

Answer: B

24. Williams Sisters won the U.S. Open Women’s Doubles Title 2009 after defeating in the final

(A) Leizal Huber and Cara Black

(B) Kim Clijsters and Anna Kournikova

(C) Caroline Woaniacki and Dinara Safina

(D) Nathalie Deshy and Sania Mirza

Answer: A

25. Which one of the following is a military alliance ?





Answer: C

26. The recipient of the 42nd Jnanpeeth Award is

(A) Manohar Shastri

(B) Harish Pandya

(C) Satya Vrat Shastri

(D) K Kamal Kumar

Answer: C

27. World Development Report is an annual publication of




(D) World Bank

Answer: D

28. Which one of the following is correct ? 

Player Sport
(A) Jeev Milkha Singh

(B) Jhulan Goswami

(C) Baichung Bhutia

(D) Pankaj Advani





Answer: B

29. Which one of the following industrialists was declared ‘The Business Person of the Year 2008’ by the Times of India Survey ?

(A) Anil Ambani

(B) Rahul Bajaj

(C) Ratan Tata

(D) Gautam Adani

Answer: C

30. Naina Devi peak forms a part of

(A) Himalayan range located in Sikkim

(B) Himalayan range located in Kumaon region

(C) Himalayan range located in Nepal

(D) Himalayan range located in Jammu & Kashmir

Answer: B