(Download) SSC CHSL: Data Entry Operator Exam (English Language) Solved Paper: Held on 31.08.2008


Staff Selection Commission
Data Entry Operator Exam Held on 31-08-2008

English Language

1. If I ____ a doctor, I would serve the poor.
(a) am
(b) had been
(c) were
(d) was

2. He is weak ____ he does a lot of work.
(a) and
(b) yet
(c) because
(d) so

3. Mahesh showed an ____ for sports at a very early stage.
(a) attitude
(b) aptitude
(c) imagination
(d) intuition

4. For ____ sake don’t tell it to others.
(a) haven
(b) heaven
(c) heavens
(d) heven’s

5. Napoleon’s army ____ to the Russian soldiers without any flight.
(a) evaded
(b) decimated
(c) capitulated
(d) cordoned

6. Supersede
(a) suspend
(b) enforce
(c) repeal
(d) set aside

7. Perilous
(a) monstrous
(b) dangerous
(c) cautious
(d) dubious

8. Affluence
(a) richness
(b) difficulty
(c) influence
(d) awkwardness

9. Bifurcated
(a) dissected into pieces
(b) divided into two
(c) thoroughly evaluate
(d) verbally abused

10. Consensus
(a) unanimity
(b) equanimity
(c) magnanimity
(d) proximity

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