(Download) SSC CHSL: Data Entry Operator & LDC Exam (General Awareness) Solved Paper: Held on 27.11.2010


Staff Selection Commission
Data Entry Operator & LDC Exam Held on - 27-11-2010

General Awareness

1. The crop which occupies maximum cultivated area in India is:
(a) Rice
(b) Wheat
(c) Gram
(d) Linseed

2. The S.I. unit of electric charge is:
(a) ampere
(b) coulomb
(c) e.s.u
(d) Kelvin

3. Demand curve of a firm under perfect competition is:
(a) horizontal to ox-axis
(b) negatively sloped
(c) positively sloped
(d) U-shaped

4. Who was the Chola king who brought Ganga from North to South?
(a) Raja Raja Chola
(b) Mahendra
(c) Rajendra Chola
(d) Parantaka

5. The writ of ‘Habeas Corpus’ is issued in the event of:
(a) Loss of Property
(b) Refund of Excess Taxes
(c) Wrongful Police detention
(d) Violation of the freedom of speech

6. Light beam which is highly directional is called:
(a) eraser
(b) grazer
(c) maser
(d) laser

7. The most abundant constituent of atmospheric are is:
(a) carbon
(b) hydrogen
(c) oxygen
(d) nitrogen

8. Which is the administrative capital of Malayasia?
(a) Putrajaya
(b) Seremban
(c) Taiping
(d) Ipoh

9. Fiber diet in includes:
(a) glycogen
(b) proteins
(c) cellulose
(d) fats

10. Tuberculosis infection is by means of:
(a) Mycobacterium avonin
(b) Staphylococcus
(c) Mycobacterium tuberculosis
(d) Streptococcus

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