(Paper) SSC CHSL (10+2) Exam Paper - 2016 (Morning & Evening Session) "held on 09-01-2017"


(Paper) SSC CHSL (10+2) Exam Paper - 2016 (Morning & Evening Session) "held on 09-01-2017"

"Based on Memory"

Morning Session General Awareness Questions:

1) Where is Nalanda University Located ?
Ans: Bihar

2) Who invented Electric Tram

3) Theory of Relativity is given by ?
Ans Albert Einstien

4) Which planet of Solar system is hottest ?
Ans: Venus

5) Where is desert festival celebrated in India?
Ans Rajasthan

6) How much is the term period of Rajya Sabha Members?
Ans 6 years

7) Which device is used for measuring the Depth of Ocean?
Ans: Fathometer

8) Who gave the Term "Exology"?

9) Who authored "Glimpse of History"?
Ans Jawahar Lal Nehru

10) Who assassinated Mahatama Gandhi ?
Ans Nathu Ram Ghodse

11) Pablo Picasso is native of which country ?
Ans Spain

Evening Session General Awareness Questions:

1) Who built the world famous Konark Sum Temple in Orissa?
Ans: King Narsimhadeva

2) Nepali Language is spoken by ?

3) Who invented Electric Chair ?
Ans: Alfred. P Southwick

4) Who wrote "Live a Life Less Ordinary"?
Ans Baby Halder

5) What is strength of Rajya Sabha
Ans: 245

6) With Which game K Srikanth is related to ?
Ans Cricket

7) What is Study of Universe called ?
Ans Cosmology

8) One Question is asked on Hitler

9) Who first found Nitrogen gas ?

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