(Paper) SSC CHSL (10+2) Exam Paper - 2016 (Morning Session) "held on 07-01-2017"


(Paper) SSC CHSL (10+2) Exam Paper - 2016 (Morning Session) "held on 07-01-2017"

"Based on Memory"

General Awareness:

1. deepika kumari which game related -arch.

2- taj mahal built by shajha for which queen -mumtaj mahal

3- river's water ppm value----?

4- tahri dam is built at which river-bhagirthi

5- hariyana does not shear with which states boundary-Mp6-baking soda formula-NaHCO3

7- which metal is liquid form in room temp.-hg

8-a person how many time can become PM of country-????

9- which is a saclar quantity -E(modulus of Elasticity)

10-allora caves in which state- maharatra

11- arya samaaj founder-rajaram mohan

12-total amount(rupees) produced by a country and income is called-???

13- barograph made by -?

14- dwarf planet in Solar system -pluto

15-which are finds in atom in pair-neutron and proton

16-2 questions from scientestific name of fruit and water mammals

18-arthshathra written by-chankya

19-4 bits equal to -1 nibble

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