(Paper) SSC CHSL (10+2) Exam Paper - 2016 "held on 11-01-2017"


(Paper) SSC CHSL (10+2) Exam Paper - 2016 "held on 11-01-2017"

"Based on Memory"

: :1st Shift Questions ::

Questions Asked in 1st Shift (Quantitative Aptitude)

  1. Solve for x: x2 – 7x + 10 = 0 Ans: 5,2
  2. The ratio between the perimeter and the breadth of a rectangle is x:y. If area is “A” sq. cm, find the length of the rectangle.
  3. A sum of Rs. 25,000 amounts to Rs. 30,000 in 4 years at a certain rate of simple interest. What is this rate of interest? 5%
  4. In one hour, a boat goes at 10 km/hr along the stream and 5 km/hr against the stream. Find its speed in still water. 7.5 km/hr
  5. cotA + cotB = ?
  6. cos 225° = ? cos (180+45) = -cos 45 = -1/√2
  7. Coordinates for the centroid and two vertices are given, find the third vertex.

Questions Asked in 1st Shift (General Awareness)

  1. Whom did Alexander the Great defeat? Porus
  2. What is Mycology the study of? Fungi
  3. What is Gir National Park famous for? Asiatic Lions
  4. Which book did Nelson Mandela write? Long Walk to Freedom/ Conversations with Myself
  5. What is Article 343 known for? Official Languages of India
  6. What is celloulose made of? Polysaccharides
  7. What is the glowing part of sun called? Photosphere
  8. From which country was the concept of bicameral legislation borrowed by India? UK
  9. When does the sun fall exactly on equator? 20th March & 23rd September
  10. Who built the Agra Fort? Akbar (completed by Shah Jahan)
  11. Who won the Ramon Magsaysay award in 2016? Thodur Madabusi Krishna (of India) & Bezwada Wilson (of India)
  12. First Bollywood star to be featured on the Time Magazine? Parveen Babi.
  13. Sun rays reach the earth in? 8 minutes 20 sec.
  14. Malayalam is spoken in which state? Kerala.
  15. Headquarters of ICC is located in? Dubai, UAE.
  16. Who invented Electroscope? Jean-Antoine Nollet
  17. PDF Abbreviation? – Portable Document Format.

Questions Asked in 1st Shift (Reasoning)

  1. A pineapple costs Rs X each. An apple costs Rs. Y each. Ram spends Rs. 38 on these fruits. The number of pineapples purchased is?
  2. A man has Rs. 480 in various denominations of notes. Some more data given. What is the total number of notes that he has ?
  3. A bus starts from city X. Some leave and some enter. Some more data given. How many passengers entered the bus in beginning?
  4. APJ Abdul Kalam: Wings of Fire:: Mahatma Gandhi : ? My Experiments with Truth
  5. 90 180 270 360 ? 450

Questions Asked in 1st Shift (English)

  1. That which cannot be corrected. Incorrigible
  2. To keeps one’s temper.
  3. To ____ about the bush. Beat
  4. Idioms/Phrases: Water under the Bridge. Issues are forgotten and forgiven
  5. Idioms/Phrases: Wag the dog. Purposely divert attention to something less important
  6. What is the Antonym of Reform? Worsen

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:: 3rd Shift Questions::

Questions Asked in 3rd Shift (Quantitative Aptitude)

  1. Marked price is Rs. 2000, Selling price is Rs. 1600. Find discount %? Ans: 20%
  2. Selling at Rs. X yields a loss of a%. What will happen if you sell it for Rs. Y?
  3. Cosec -230 =? 1.305
  4. Cosec 7π/6 =? Ans: -2
  5. Tan(a/2) =?
  6. A person lent his friend Ram a certain amount of money for 2 years and friend Sham the same amount of money for 3 years. If the total simple interest earned is Rs. 1442, then what is rate of interest?
  7. Area of triangle APQ=4. If PQ parallel to BC, then find the area of PQCB? 962017-01-11

Questions Asked in 3rd Shift (General Awareness)

  1. Chand Bibi was the ruler of? Bijapur & Ahmednagar
  2. The book “12 years a slave” was written by? Solomon Northup
  3. Who won the Oscar for Best Director in 2016? Alejandro González Iñárritu
  4. Maithili language is spoken in which state? Bihar
  5. When is Olympic Day? June 23rd
  6. Mangifera Indica is the scientific name of? Mango

Questions Asked in 3rd Shift (Reasoning)

  1. I,V,?,L
  2. 6 8 5
    15 30 20
    84 152 ?

Questions Asked in 3rd Shift (English)

  1. Meaning of “Piece of cake” Very Easy
  2. Change the voice of “The bank manager’s bank account has been hacked.” Someone hacked the bank manager’s bank account.
  3. Ravi asked me, “Has your brother returned from Dubai”? Ravi asked me if my brother had returned from Dubai.
  4. One of the officers who were (1)/was (2) suspected of treachery was the major himself.

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