CHSL GK Questions, Held on 30-01-2017 Shift-1

CHSL GK Questions, Held on 30-01-2017 Shift-1

1. Atal Bihari Vajpayee has been awarded with — Bharat Ratna
2. ______ is a drug that makes your heart work more slowly, used for treating high blood pressure. — Beta Blocker
3. Ociamum tenuiflorum is the scientific name of — Tulsi
4. Which gland secretes bile, a digestive fluid? — Liver
5. The Chemical formula of Ammonium chloride is _____. —  NH4CL
6. Which metal has the lowest melting point? - Mercury
7. In Internet, what is the full form of TCP? — Transmission Control Protocol
8. Maithili is generally not spoken in ______ part of India. — Southern
9. If demand curve for radial car tyres is D + 230000 - 19P and supply curve is S = 180000 + 6P, find the equilbirum Quantity? — 192000 units
10. Match the characteristics with their market structure:
(a) Differentiated products, but clse substitutes for consumers so their demand curves are elastic — Monopolistic competition
(b) Firm will tend to set output so that it earns maximum profits. — Pure Monopoly
11. Indravati Tiger Reserve is in which state? —Chhattisgarh
12. Pyrolusite is an ore/mineral of — Manganese
13. What does IMF stand for ? — International Monetary fund
14. What is the capital of Ireland? — Dublin
15. A bound collection of maps is called — Atlas
16. India got Independence from — United Kingdom
17. The Biography of Humayun was written by —Gulbadan Begum
18. Who ivented Internet Protocol? — Vint Cerf
19. Find the power of a convex lens if the image formed is at a distance of 10 cm from the lens when the object is placed on the other side of the lens at 40 cm from the optical centre — 12.5 diopters
20. Filament of electric bulb is made of — Tungsten
21. Under which Article was Emergency in India declared in 1975? — Article 352
22. The United Nations Green Climate Fund is Head quartered in which country? — Canada
23. Anjum Chopra is associated with which Sport? — Cricket
24. Who is the author of “Life of Pi”? — Yanna Martel
25. Which was the first garden-tomb in the Indian subcontinent? — Humayun’s Tomb

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