CHSL GK Questions, Held on 10-01-2017 Shift-3

CHSL GK Questions, Held on 10-01-2017 Shift-3

1. DNS is a networking term that refers to — Domain Name System
2. Telephone exchange was invented by — Tivadar Puskas
3. Scurvy (bleeding of gums) is caused by the deficiency of which vitamin? — Vitamin C
4. Achras sapota is the scientific name of — Chiku
5. Prawn belongs to the phylum — Arthropoda
6. What does a catalyst do in a reaction? — Changes activation energy
7. Adding which substance gives green colour to glass? — Chromium Oxide
8. Ellora Caves is in — Maharashtra
9. ______ festival is celebrated on a full-moon day. — Holi
10. If demand curve for a fishing rod is D = 37000 -11P and supply curve is S = 12000 + 9P, find the equilibrium quantity. — 23250 units
11. Balance of Trade is the difference between — Country’s Exports and Imports
12. ______, if present in the atmosphere can be detected by its odour. — Sulphur dioxide
13. The number of biogeographical zones in India are — 10
14. ______ is an indigenous light combat aircraft of India. — Tejas
15. In which direction does the earth rotates around its axis? — West to east
16. Which state in India receives the highest rainfall? — Meghalaya
17. Tipu Sultan was also known as Tiger of _______. Mysore
18. Sri Aurobindo was born in the year — 1872
19. Highest Civilian Honour received by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is — Bharat Ratna
20. What will happen to the force between the two positive charges which are relased after being held near each other — Force will decrase
21. Which device is used to measure earhquakes? — Seismograph
22. Which bill cannot originate in Rajya Sabha? — Money Bill
23. Who can intiate the process of removal of the President before the expiry of his term? — Both Houses of the Parliament
24. Kobe Bryant is associated with which sport? — Basketball
25. Who wrote the Panchatantra? — Vishnu Sharma

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