CHSL GK Questions, Held on 10-01-2017 Shift-1

CHSL GK Questions, Held on 10-01-2017 Shift-1

1. Syntax Errors are determined by — Control Unit
2. Arithmometer was invented by — Charlex Xavier Thomas
3. What is induced by Oncogene? — Cancer
4. Azadirachata indica is the scientific name of —Neem
5. Octopus belongs to the phylum — Mollusca
6. What is the full form of PVC? — Polyvinyl Chloride
7. Aromatic hydrocarbon at least____ benzene like ring in their molecules. — One
8. Ranthambhore Fort is in — Rajasthan
9. Dogri is Primarily spoken in which state? — Jammu & Kashmir
10. A beedi making workshop can hire 5 women by paying them Rs. 300 per day. The 6th woman demands Rs.,350 per day. If this woman is hired then all other women must be paid Rs. 350. The marginal resource (labour) cost of the 6th woman is — Rs.600
11. Stagflation is defined as — High inflation, low growth, high unemployment
12. A living part of the organisms environment is known as — Biotic Factor
13. Chromite is an ore/mineral of — Chromium
14. Who played Gandhi in 1982’s Oscar Winning Movie of the same name? — Ben Kingsley
15. What percentage of India’s population is employed in agriculture? — 70%
16. Which is the closest star to our solar system? — Proxima Centauri
17. East India Company was established in — 1600
18. Who was the eldest brother among the Pandavas? — Yudhishthira
19. ______ is the 2016 Oscar Winner for Best Actress — Brie Larson
20. If an object is thrown upwards, what will be its veiocity, when it reaches it reaches its maximum height? — 0 m/s
21. If a force acts upon two objects at rest, and having different masses for the same amount of time, then which
one of the following will be the same for both the objects? — Momentum
22. During an emergency all of the fundamental rights are suspended, except — Personal liberty & Right to Life
23. From which coutry’s constitution the Fundamental duties adopted? — USSR Constitution
24. ‘Sultan Johor Cup’ is associated with — Hockey
25. Who wrote the book, ‘Indian Home Rule’? — M K Gandhi

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