CHSL GK Questions, Held on 09-01-2017 Shift-3

CHSL GK Questions, Held on 09-01-2017 Shift-3

1. The tag line “Do no evil” is owned by — Google
2. Electric chair was invented by — Alfred P. Southwick
3. Brain fever is a disease spread through — Mosquito
4. Mangroves are plants that have — Respiratory Roots
5. Rodentia Sciurus is the scientific name of — Squirrel
6. The reactions is which oxidation and reduction occurs simultaneously are called — Redox reactios
7. Who discovered Nitrogen? — Rutherford
8. Odisha’s World famous Konark Sun Temple was buitl by — Narasimhadeva
9. Nepali is primarily spoken in which Indian State? —Sikkim
10. A manufacturer faces price elasticity of demand of (a - 2) for its product. If it lowers its price by 5% the in-crease in quantity sold will be — 10%
11. If cash reserve ratio decreases, credit creation will — Increase
12. Device used for the detection and measurement of all types of radiation (alpha, beta and gamma ) — Geiger counter
13. Haematite is an ore/mineral of — Iron
14. Name the lead actor in the hollywood movie “Top Gun”. — Tom Cruise
15. The study of universe is known as — Cosmology
16. Shortest day in the Northen hemisphere is — 22nd December
17. Adolf Hitler, the ____ politician was responsible for genocide of millions of Jews. — German
18. Pritiviraj Chauhan married ______. She was the daugh-ter of his enemy Jaichandra Gahadwal. — Somyukta
19. ______ is the 2016 Oscar Winner for Best Foreign Language film. — Son of Saul
20. If a ball is thrown up, _____ does not change. —Acceleration
21. If a body is moving on a circular path, what is its average velocity if it completes one cycle in one second?— Zero
22. What is the maximum number of Members of the Rajya Sabha? — 250
23. What does the wheel in the National Flag represent? — Truth
24. K Srikanth has won Arjuna Award for which sport in India? — Badminton
25. Who is the author of the book “ A Life Less Ordinary : A Memoir” — Baby Halder

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