CHSL GK Questions, Held on 08-01-2017 Shift-1

CHSL GK Questions, Held on 08-01-2017 Shift-1

1. Web pages are created by using — HTML
2. Seismometer was invented by — Luigi Palmieri
3. Deficiency of _____ causes non-clotting of blood. —Vitamin K
4. The process of producing energy in plants is known as — Photosynthesis
5. Which Virus causes Chicken Pox? — Herpes Zoster V irus
6. Sweating is an ______ reaction. — Endothermic
7. Name the catalyst used in the conversion of milk into curd — Lactase
8. Bibi ka Maqbara was built by — Azam Shah
9. In which state of India ‘Bodo language’ is primarily spoken? — Assam
10. A company faces a -2.5 price elasticity of demand for its product. It is presently selling 10,000 units/month. If
it wants to increase quantity sold by 6%, it must lower its price by — 2.40%
11. Loweiring of value of currency relative to a foreign reference currency is called — Devaluation
12. What does BOD5 refer to? — Biochemical Oxygen Demand in 5 days
13. Kanha National Park saving the rare and almost ex- tinct species of the Swamp Deer, also known as — Barasingha
14. Which is the highest grossing movie of all time? — Avatar
15. Which state in India has the largest cover area of forest? — Madhya Pradesh
16. Longest day in the Northen hemisphere is — 21st June
17. World War I broke out in the year — 1914
18. Name the poet who wrote ‘Prithviraj Raso’, a Poem describing Prithviraj Chauhan’s life — Chand Bardai
19. _______ is the 2016 Oscar Winner for Best Supporitng Actress. — Alicia Vikander
20. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reac- tion, is Newton’s — Third law
21. What is false about displacement? — It is always positive
22. The Governor takes the oath of office by — Chief Justice of High Court
23. Which fundamental right is abolished by the 44th Amendment? — Right to Property
24. In which sport in Asian Games, India has won maxi-mum Gold Medals? — Athletics
25. ‘An Extraordinary Life, An Indian Destiny’ is a biog- raphy on — Sonia Gandhi


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