CHSL GK Questions, Held on 02-02-2017 Shift-3

CHSL GK Questions, Held on 02-02-2017 Shift-3

1. Champaner - Pavagadh Archaeological Park is in —Gujarat

2. Highest Civilian honour received by Kamal Hassan is — Padma Bhushan

3. Which disease is caused due to deficiency of Iodine?— Goitre

4. Grevillea Robusta is the scientific name of — Silver Oak

5. The modern periodic table consists of 18 group and 7 periods. what is the atomic number of the element placed in the 3rd group and the 4th period? — 21

6. Which metal has the highest melting point? — Tungsten

7. Who is known as father of computer? — Charles Babbage

8. Urdu is the official language of — Jammu & Kashmir

9. Stagflation is a period of — Presistent high inflation combined with high unemployment

10. 2 CH CIF is a greenhouse gas or a gas which can ______ the ozone layer. — Deplete

11. Periyar National Park is in which mountain range? —Western Ghats

12. First Indian to swim across the English Channel was — Mihir Sen

13. Which islands are located in the Arbian Sea? —Lakshadweep Islands

14. Which state does not share its border with Jharkhand? — Madhya Pradesh

15. Ashoka converted to which religion after the Kalinga war? — Buddhism

16. Gandhi Ji started the Non-Cooperation Movement in — 1920

17. Who discovered X-Ray? — Wilhelm Rontgen

18. Find the power of a convex lens if the image formed is at a distance of 25 cm from the lens when the object is placed on the other side of the lens at 12 cm from the opical centre? — 12.33 diopters

19. What is the unit of the physical quantity Entropy? —Joule per Kelvin

20. Which article specifies the Fundamental Duties of every citizen? — Article 51A

21. Article 173 of the Indian Constitution “Qualification for membership of the State Legislature” deals with? — The State Government

22. Michael Schumacher is associated with which sport? — Formula One Racing

23. Who is the author of “The Guest”? — Mitali Meelan

24. If price of an article decreases from Rs.P1 to Rs.190,when quantity demanded increases from 5000 units to 5200 units, and if point elasticity of demand is -0.8 find P1? — Rs 200

25. When a Cuttlefish is described as a Moulluscs, it is at which level of classification? — Phylum

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