Study Material for SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, Prasar Bharti, FCI Exams : Sentence Arrangements (MCQ )

Sentence Arrangements (MCQ )

Q.1. A. Humour gives you the opportunity to exaggerate a point which is presumably why it is best remembered.
B. Using humour can be not just the most arduous route but the joke may fail to cause a flutter.
C. But a warming here: humour has to be funny.
D. Everyone with a successful humour advertisement agress that they are very careful about the script.

(1) DCBA
(2) ACDB
(3) ACBD
(4) ABDC
(5) None of these

Q.2. A. Guruji had been undergoing a terrific strain for over five decades in devoting his body, mind, heart, and soul to the causes of service to humanity and the spread of spiritual enlightenment.
B. The excessive strain of long tour abroad came as a severe low to his health, but he still refused to rest, continuing his studies, talks and writings with unabated vigour and enthusiasm.
C. This had already undermined his health but he was never one to reserve any time or attention to his own well being.
D. In fact it required great vigilance to prevent him from giving advice and blessings to his devotees and disciples even when he could hardly speak on account of the strain.

(1) ABCD
(2) BADC
(3) BDAC
(4) ACBD
(5) None of these

Q.3. A. A totally personal agenda will never bring about this level of fulfillment because that has to result from integration – and not be a substitute for it.
B. One's consciousness then becomes centred in the identity of the soul.
C. Realising ourselves and our potential entails becoming a pure reflection and manifestation of the inner self.
D. Since the soul lives by different laws and values, there is a fundamental conflict in human nature that must be resolved if integration and fulfilment is to be complete.

(1) DCAB
(2) ABCD
(3) CBDA
(4) CABD
(5) None of these

Q.4. A. Time will be called out not just by bartenders but also by gambling machines in the Australian state of Victoria.
B. TS Eliot would have got a poem out of this.
C. Natural lighting has also been made mandatory in some casmos so that fully addicted punters do not mistake the fluorescent lighting for some kind Alladin's lamp that can summon a Djinn to take care of home and hearth.
D. From July 4, clocks will be fitted to 27,500 gambling machines down under to remind punters that it's time to return home and tend to their familiar obligations.

(1) DACB
(2) DABC
(3) CABD
(4) BADC
(5) None of these

Q.5. A. Naturally, the committee assumes that anybody interested in national heritage is fluent in Latin.
B. So avers the National Heritage committee's new report, recalling the inscription in memory of Sir Christopher Wren.
C. But for those readers whose classics are a bit rusty, it translates as: "If you seek a monument to him, look about you".
D. "Si momentum requires, circumstance".

(1) BCAD
(2) DBAC
(3) DCBA
(4) ADCB
(5) None of these

Q.6. A. In India, home to 2,500-3, 750 tigers (half the world's total), they are being poached at the rate of at least one a day.
B. The threat has, however, sparked off another, though smaller, crisis – a spate of recriminations between conservations organisations.
C. As anyone with a letter-box, a TV set and an environmental consceience will know, the tiger may soon be extinct in the wild.
D. It does't take a mathematician to work out that, if those rates continue, there may be no Bengal tigers left outside zoos, within a decade.

(1) DCBA
(2) CDBA
(3) CBAD
(4) CADB
(5) None of these

Q.7. A. Malignancies were diagnosed in three family members on the basis of this abnormality and then surgically removed.
B. It appears to be the first instance in which this specific abnormality – in this case an exchange of material between the chromosomes number three and eight in all cells of the person's body – has been traced from generation to generation and thus permitted identification of cancer patients before they had any symptoms.
C. An inherited genetic abnormality has been linked to a specific type of kidney cancer in a family in which ten members were affected over three generations.
D. The discovery by scientists at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, USA, provides a potentially important clue to the origin of at least some cancers.

(1) DCAB
(2) CBDA
(3) ABCD
(4) DABC
(5) None of these

Q.8. A. In what has since become the first, legendary tale of computer forensics, Dr. Stoll spent a year of meticulous work tracking and recording the hacker's movements.
B. This was an intriguing problem for Clifford Stoll.
C. In August 1986, an astronomer at the University of California, noticed a 75 percent discrepancy in the accounts for a computer in his library.
D. When he investigated, he found that somebody had broken into his computer and used it for a short time without permission just enough to unbalance the accounts.

(1) CABD
(2) CBDA
(3) CBAD
(4) CDBA
(5) None of these

Q.9. A. A curved titanium plate with five tiny screws would hold the bone in place and help reform the damaged margin of the eye.
B. Deftly, he replaced the wedge of bone in Tenneh's face.
C. Intravenous antibiotics would take care of any lingering infection.
D. When he'd eliminated most of the diseased tissue, he stopped.

(1) ABCD
(2) DCAB
(3) DCBA
(4) ACBD
(5) None of these