EPFO Exam Model Questions : General Awareness (Set-25)

EPFO Exam Model Questions : General Awareness

1. Which of the following is/are correct regarding the Indus water treaty?

1. This treaty between India and Pakistan was brokered by United Nations
2. It was signed by Smt. Indira Gandhi from Indian side
3. Control of three eastern rivers - the Beas, the Ravi and the Sutlej - was given to India

A. 1, 2 only
B. 2,3 only
C. 1,3 only
D. 3 only

2. Consider the statements given below and mark the correct option.

1. There are thirteen major ports in India
2. Mumbai port is the largest port in India
3. Mormugao port is a leading iron ores exporter in India.
4. Port Blair is the oldest sea port in the country.

Which of the above given statements are correct?

A. 1,3                       
B. 2,3
C. 1,3 and 4             
D. All

3. Which of the following is/are correct regarding the National commission for protection of child rights?

1. It was setup through an executive order
2. It was established in 2005
3. Stuti Narain Kacker is the chairman of the commission

A. 1,2 only
B. 2,3 only
C.  1,3 only
D. 3 only

4. Consider the following statement and mark the correct answer.

A) GST is a tax regime to separate state taxes from central taxes.
B) GST will have no impact on the cascading effect of taxes.
C) All major Central and State taxes will get subsumed into GST which will reduce the multiplicity of taxes, and thus bring down the compliance cost.
D) None of the above

5. What is/are components of information technology act,2000?

A. Legal Recognition to Digital Signatures
B. Digital Certificates
C. Digital signatures
D. All of the above

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ANS: 1(d), 2(b), 3(d), 4(c), 5(d)