EPFO Exam Model Questions : General Awareness (Set-23)

EPFO Exam Model Questions : General Awareness

1. Historians are of the view that the British signed the Treaty of  Bassein (1802) with a 'cypher'. Who was this 'cypher'?

(a)  Baji Rao II
(b)  Raghunath Rao
(c)  Nana Phadanvis
(d) Daulat Rao Sindhia

2. During the Indian freedom struggle, who of the following started the weekly Yugantar in April 1906?

(a)  Jnanendranath Basu and Bipin Chandra Pal
(b)  Barindra Kumar Ghosh and Bhupendranath Dutta
(c)  Aswini Kumar Dutta and Satish Chandra Mukherji
(d) Krishna Kumar Mitra and Hemchandra Kanungo

3. In the year 1911, who of the following founded the social service league with its aim being to secure for the masses at the people better and reasonable. Condition at of life and work ?

(a)  G.K. Gokhale
(b)  M.G. Ranade
(c)  N.M. Joshi         
(d)  Srinivasa Sastri

4. Consider the following statements:       

1.   The Nawab of Awadh surrendered Allahabad and Kada to the English company by the treaty of Allahabad.
2.   The english company sold Allahabad and Kada to the Nawab of Awadh for Rupees two crores by the treaty of Banaras.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

(a)  1 only                 
(b)  2 only
(c)  Both 1 and 2      
(d)  Neither 1 or 2.

5. Who of the following was the first president of the Indian Trade Union Congress in 1920 ?

(a)  Bipin Chandra Pal
(b)  Chittaranjan Das
(c)  Lala Lajpat Rai
(d) Dr. Rajendra Prasad



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ANS: 1(a), 2(b), 3(c), 4(d), 5(c)