(MCQ) CHSL Exam : Schedule

Schedule of Daily MCQ For Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Examination - 2013

Covered All Topic According to Exam Syllabus

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Exam Date : 10.11.2013 & 17.11.2013

Date Day Topic Part
05-09-2013 Thursday Quantitative Aptitude Part-1
06-09-2013 Friday General Intelligence Part-1
07-09-2013 Saturday English Language Part-1
09-09-2013 Monday Quantitative Aptitude Part-2
10-09-2013 Tuesday General Intelligence Part-2
11-09-2013 Wednesday English Language Part-2
13-09-2013 Friday English Language Part-3
14-09-2013 Saturday Quantitative Aptitude Part-3
16-09-2013 Monday General Intelligence Part-3
17-09-2013 Tuesday English Language Part-4
18-09-2013 Wednesday Quantitative Aptitude Part-4
19-09-2013 Thursday General Intelligence Part-4
20-09-2013 Friday Quantitative Aptitude Part-5
21-09-2013 Saturday General Intelligence Part-5
23-09-2013 Monday English Language Part-5
24-09-2013 Tuesday Quantitative Aptitude Part-6
25-09-2013 Wednesday General Awareness Part-1
26-09-2013 Thursday General Intelligence Part-6
27-09-2013 Friday English Language Part-6
28-09-2013 Saturday Quantitative Aptitude Part-7
30-09-2013 Monday General Awareness Part-2
01-10-2013 Tuesday General Intelligence Part-7
02-10-2013 Wednesday Holiday  
03-10-2013 Thursday English Language Part-7
04-10-2013 Friday Quantitative Aptitude Part-8
05-10-2013 Saturday General Awareness Part-3
07-10-2013 Monday General Intelligence Part-8
08-10-2013 Tuesday English Language Part-8
09-10-2013 Wednesday Quantitative Aptitude Part-9
10-10-2013 Thursday General Awareness Part-4
11-10-2013 Friday General Intelligence Part-9
12-10-2013 Saturday English Language Part-9
14-10-2013 Monday Quantitative Aptitude Part-10
15-10-2013 Tuesday General Awareness Part-5
16-10-2013 Wednesday Holiday (Id-ul-Zuha (Bakrid)  
17-10-2013 Thursday General Intelligence Part-10
18-10-2013 Friday English Language Part-10
19-10-2013 Saturday Quantitative Aptitude Part-11
21-10-2013 Monday General Awareness Part-6
22-10-2013 Tuesday General Intelligence Part-11
23-10-2013 Wednesday Quantitative Aptitude Part-12
25-10-2013 Friday General Intelligence Part-12
26-10-2013 Saturday Quantitative Aptitude Part-13
28-10-2013 Monday General Intelligence Part-13
29-10-2013 Tuesday Quantitative Aptitude Part-14
30-10-2013 Wednesday General Intelligence Part-14