SSC CGL 2018 EXAM PAPER : Held on 11-June-2019 Shift-3 (General Awareness)


SSC CGL 2018 EXAM PAPER : Held on 11-June-2019 Shift-3

(General Awareness)

(General Awareness)

Q.1 The 'Tanakh' is the sacred text of which religion/sect?
1. Confucianism
2. Taoism
3. Judaism
4. Zen Buddhism

Correct Answer : Judaism

Q.2 Which of the following Indian authors is one of the four screenplay writers of the movie 'Kai Po Che'?
1. Chetan Bhagat
2. Ravinder Singh
3. Amish Tripathi
4. Durjoy Datta

Correct Answer : Chetan Bhagat

Q.3 The Indus Water Treaty was  signed between India and ______.
1. China
2. Pakistan
3. Afghanistan
4. Bangladesh

Correct Answer : Pakistan

Q.4 In which part of the female flower does fertilisation take place?
1. Stigma
2. Filament
3. Style
4. Ovary

Correct Answer : Ovary

Q.5 The Constitution of India was amended for the first time in which year?
1. 1954
2. 1961
3. 1960
4. 1951

Correct Answer : 1951

Q.6 In which year was the 'Battle of Goa' fought?
1. 1514
2. 1510
3. 1502
4. 1524

Correct Answer : 1510

Q.7 The interest rate charged by banks on short-term loans to their largest, most secure and most creditworthy customers is called ______.
1. Discount Rate
2. Amortised Rate
3. Variable Rate
4. Prime Lending Rate

Correct Answer : Prime Lending Rate

Q.8 In which province of China is the Huangguoshu National Park located which houses the world's largest waterfall cluster.
1. Yunnan
2. Guizhou
3. Shandon
4. Jiangsu

Correct Answer : Guizhou

Q.9 The 'Friendship Highway' is a road that connects China to ______.
1. Nepal
2. Pakistan
3. Myanmar
4. India

Correct Answer : Nepal


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Q.10 World Water Day' is annually celebrated on ______.
1. 13th August
2. 15th January
3. 22nd March
4. 2nd June

Correct Answer : 22nd March

Q.11 Who among the following is the only Indian to have won the Amateur World title in both, snooker and billiards?
1. Michael Ferreira
2. Pankaj Advani
3. Geet Sethi
4. Subhash Agarwal

Correct Answer : Pankaj Advani

Q.12 Bhavai' is a traditional dance form of ______.
1. Maharashtra
2. Punjab
3. Bihar
4. Gujarat

Correct Answer : Gujarat

Q.13 The former princely state of Tripura in the north-eastern part of India was ruled by _________Dynasty.
1. Manikya
2. Nagvanshi
3. Ahom
4. Haihaya

Correct Answer : Manikya

Q.14 In 2019, Harsh Vardhan, the union minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change launched the India Cooling Action Plan (ICAP). On which day was ICAP released?
1. 8th March
2. 26th January
3. 27th February
4. 15th February

Correct Answer : 8th March

Q.15 Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) is calculated as a percentage of each bank's _____.
1. credit growth
2. net demand and time liabilities
3. rate of inflation
4. savings of customers

Correct Answer : net demand and time liabilities

Q.16 Which Indian author wrote the book  'The English Teacher'?
1. Khushwant Singh
2. R K Narayan
3. Vikram Seth
4. Ruskin Bond

Correct Answer :  R K Narayan

Q.17 Which one of the following is the highest altitude lake of Pakistan?
1. Satpara Lake
2. Rush Lake
3. Paristan Lake
4. Attabad Lake

Correct Answer : Paristan Lake

Q.18 ____________ became the most successful doubles player in the history of Davis Cup as on 2018.
1. Henri Leconte
2. Mark Woodforde
3. Leon Smith
4. Leander Paes

Correct Answer : Leander Paes

Q.19 When was the Constitution of Pakistan enforced?
1. 1952
2. 1965
3. 1973
4. 1947

Correct Answer : 1973

Q.20 _____assumed the title of 'Gangaikondachola' or the conqueror of the river Ganga.
1. Rajendra Chola I
2. Vijjayalay Chola
3. Rajadhiraja Chola
4. Rajaraja Chola I

Correct Answer : Rajendra Chola I

Q.21 About 70% of the sun is made up of ______.
1. Hydrogen
2. Carbon
3. Helium
4. Oxygen

Correct Answer : Hydrogen

Q.22 Which of the following was a port city​​​​​​​ of the Indus Valley Civilization?
1. Rakhigarhi
2. Lothal
3. Dholavira
4. Kalibangan

Correct Answer : Lothal

Q.23 The phrase 'Survival of the fittest' as a​​​​​​​ way of describing the mechanism of natural selection was coined by ______.
1. Louis Pasteur
2. Herbert Spencer
3. Charles Babbage
4. Marie Curie

Correct Answer : Herbert Spencer

Q.24 Night Blindness is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin _______.
1. C
2. A
3. B12
4. K

Correct Answer : A

Q.25 DNA is stored majorly in ______  of the cell.
1. cytoplasm
2. nucleus
3. golgi body
4. plasma membrane

Correct Answer : nucleus

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