SSC CGL 2018 EXAM PAPER : Held on 06-June-2019 Shift-1 (General Awareness)


SSC CGL 2018 EXAM PAPER : Held on 06-June-2019 Shift-1

(General Awareness)

(General Awareness)

Q.1 Name the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman and Padma Bhushan awardee who created and unleashed a historical moment when Mars Orbiter became the first Indian spacecraft to enter Martian orbit in  a maiden attempt.
1. Nandan Nilekani
2. K Radhakrishnan
3. Sundar Pichai
4. Fali Nariman

Correct Answer :  K Radhakrishnan

Q.2 Which of the following metals is the most ductile metal?
1. Tin
2. Gold
3. Aluminium
4. Copper

Correct Answer : Gold

Q.3 Who was awarded the Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize 2019 for the Novel 'Solo'?
1. Nayanjyot Mukherjee
2. Amitabh Ghosh
3. Rana Dasgupta
4. Jhumpa Lahiri 

Correct Answer : Rana Dasgupta

Q.4 The Badami Chalukyas first had their capital at ____ before they moved it to Badami.
1. Aihole
2. Hubli
3. Bijapur
4. Pattadakal

Correct Answer : Aihole

Q.5 Who founded and named the science of electromagnetism?
1. Michael Faraday
2. James Clerk
3. HChristian Oersted
4. Andre Marie Ampère

Correct Answer : Andre Marie Ampère

Q.6 Which of the following ministries implemented the Midday Meal scheme?
1. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
2. Ministry of Social Welfare
3. Ministry of Human Resource Development
4. Ministry of Home Affairs

Correct Answer : Ministry of Human Resource Development

Q.7 In February 2019, India won ____gold medal/s and five silver medals at the Makran Cup Boxing in Chabahar, Iran.
1. three
2. four
3. one
4. two

Correct Answer : one

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Q.8 _________ was the first Muslim ruler whose empire covered almost the whole of India up to its extreme south.
. Jalal-ud-din Khilji
2. Ghiyas ud din Balban
3. Alauddin Khilji
4. Feroz Shah Tughlaq

Correct Answer : Alauddin Khilji

Q.9 What is deposited on iron in the process of galvanisation?
. Tin
2. Zinc
3. Copper
4. Aluminium

Correct Answer : Zinc

Q.10 Who among the following was a slave of Muhammad Ghori? He became the ruler after the death of his master and founded the Slave Dynasty.
1. Qutub-ud-din Aibak
2. Iltutmish
3. Ghiyas ud din Balban
4. Nasir-ud-din Mahmud

Correct Answer : Qutub-ud-din Aibak

Q.11 In February 2019, _____ won a gold medal at the Makran Cup in Chabahar, Iran.
1. Deepak Singh
2. Satish Kumar
3. Rohit Tokas
4. Manish Kaushik

Correct Answer : Deepak Singh

Q.12 Which of the following does NOT come under the Quarternary sector?
1. Manufacturing
2. Mining
3. Fisheries
4. Information Technology

Correct Answer : Information Technology

Q.13 The colourful art named Nandna block print, which uses graceful yet aligned arrangements of motifs on fabric, is practised in Tarapur village of __________________.
1. Madhya Pradesh
2. Maharashtra
3. Uttarakhand
4. Odisha

Correct Answer : Madhya Pradesh

Q.14 Where is the Bandipur National Park located?
1. Sikkim
2. Karnataka
3. Kerala
4. Gujarat

Correct Answer : Karnataka

Q.15 Right to move freely throughout the territory of India' is a fundamental right under _________ of the Constitution of India.
1. Article 24
2. Article 14
3. Article 21
4. Article 19

Correct Answer : Article 19

Q.16 Which Indian received the Nobel Peace Prize after Mother Teresa?
1. K Radhakrishnan
2. Kailash Satyarthi
3. P Sathasivam
4. Fali Nariman

Correct Answer : Kailash Satyarthi

Q.17 Which of the following destroys the ozone layer?
1. Carbon
2. Chlorine
3. Silicon
4. Sulphur

Correct Answer : Chlorine

Q.18 International Day of Forests 2019 was observed on 21st March with the theme _______ to raise awareness on how sustainably managed forests provide a wide array of contributions.
1. Pollution-free Forests'
2. Forests Our Saviour'
3. Forests and Environment'
4. Forests and Education’

Correct Answer : Forests and Education’

Q.19 World ___ Day 2019 was observed on 22nd March with the theme ‘Leaving no one behind’ to focus on marginalised groups.
1. Environment
2. Forest
3. Petroleum
4. Water

Correct Answer :  Water

Q.20 Which is the longest national highway in India?
1. National Highway 48
2. National Highway 27
3. National Highway 44
4. National Highway 53

Correct Answer : National Highway 44

Q.21 ________ , which connects Sikkim with Tibet, was closed after the Chinese aggression on India in 1962 but was reopened in 2006 as the governments of the two countries decided to enhance their trade through land routes.
1. Lanak La
2. Imis La
3. Pensi La
4. Nathu La

Correct Answer : Nathu La

Q.22 Lok Adalats have been created under ______.
1. Arbitration and Conciliation Act
2. Administration of Justice Act
3. Legal Conciliation Act
4. Legal Services Authority Act

Correct Answer : Legal Services Authority Act

Q.23 Which was the first Muslim dynasty that ruled India?
1. Khilji dynasty
2. Tughlaq dynasty
3. Lodhi dynasty
4. Slave dynasty

Correct Answer : Slave dynasty

Q.24 The popular Bagh cave paintings are found in ______.
1. Sikkim
2. Madhya Pradesh
3. Himachal Pradesh
4. Odisha

Correct Answer : Madhya Pradesh

Q.25 Which of the following metals is the most reactive metal?
1. Zinc
2. Copper
3. Iron
4. Calcium
Correct Answer : Calcium

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