Model Questions for SSC Junior Engineer EXAM -GK Set-3

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Model Questions for SSC Junior Engineer EXAM -GK Set-3

1. Anushree Pareek was in news recently, which among the following is correct about Anushree Pareek?

A. She is Indian scientist nominated for this years noble in biology
B. She is first Indian women citizen to go to Space
C. She is first woman combat officer to be commissioned in BSF
D. None of the above

2. VPM1002 has been in news recently, it is related to which of the following disease?

B. Malaria
C. Zika
D. Dengue

3. Which of the following is/ are part of India' external debt?

1. IMF loans 2. NRI deposits
3. Commercial borrowings

A. 1 and 2 only
B. 1 and 3 only
C. 2 and 3 only
D. All of the above

4. Which of the following statements are correct regarding The Aadhaar Bill,2016?

1. Every citizen is entitled to obtain an Aadhaar number.
2. To verify the identity of a person receiving a subsidy or a service, the government may require them to have an Aadhaar number.
3. Biometric informationwill not be shared with anyone even in the interest of national security.

A. 2 only
B. 1,2
C. 2,3
D. All

5. Teesta river flows through which of the following states?

1. Sikkim
2. Arunachal Pradesh
3. West Bengal

A. 1,2
B. 1,3
C. 2,3
D. All

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6. Which of the below statements correct regarding BS Norms?

A) Bharat stage emission standards are emission standards instituted by the Government of India to regulate the output of air pollutants from internal combustion engine equipment, including motor vehicles.
B) The standards and the timeline for implementation are set by the Central Pollution Control Board under the Ministry of Environment & Forests and climate change

a) A only
b) B only
c) Both A and B
d) Neither A nor B

7. The seasonal reversal of winds is the typical characteristic of

A. Monsoon climate
B. All of the above climates
C. Equatorial climate
D. Mediterranean climate

8. Tupolev-142Mhas been in news recently, which of the following is coorect about it?

A. It is a anti-submarine warfare aircraft
B. None of the above
C. It is Russian submarine supplied to Pakistan
D. It is Russian Aircraft which will be supplied to India

9. Approximately How many Internet subscribers are present in India?

A. 36 crore
B. 26 crore
C. 12 crore
D. 22 crore

10. Which of the following statements are correct regarding nuclear power in India?

1. India has 7 nuclear power plants in operation
2. Kudankulam Nuclear power plant is hosting French reactors

A. 1 only
B. 2 only
C. both
D. None

Study Kit for SSC Junior Engineer EXAM (Paper-1) 2017-2018


1. (C) 2. (A) 3. (D) 4. (A) 5. (B) 6. (C) 7. (A) 8. (D) 9. (A) 10. (A)

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