(Interview Experience) SSC CGL 2012 by Shahjad Hussain Mansuri on 19 December 2012

Staff Selection Commission

(Interview Experience) Combined Graduate Level Examination, 2012

Name : Shahjad Hussain Mansuri 

Date of Interview: 19 December 2012

Attempt No : 1st Attempt

Exam Name : SSC CGL 2012 (Interview)

My name is Shahjad Hussain Mansuri. There was three member in my panel. One Lady and Two gentleman

Questions were started with my profession and later maths because i was very poor in mathematics and then they started with question on my education background and current affairs

First lady asked with

1 How u use your mathematics in your profession because i am a ladies tailor

some question were asked about triangle and circle and theorem

Then gentleman were asked

2 Difference between Mughal and Muslim, And Then he asked about history like Ashok, Akbar etc...

Then 2nd gentleman were asked

3 some political question like parliament, cabinet.......etc

then some question on current issue......1.FDI....2.Reservation....etc

my interview time 28 min.

and Then finally I have selected in Excise department as a Inspector...:)

Interview shared by: Nextep Academy, Udaipur

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